How to choose the correct mattress firmness for you

Mattress firmness can determine how comfortable your sleep experience is. When shopping for a mattress it is important to consider your sleeping style while considering firmness.

For people who sleep on their side, a medium to soft (or plush) mattress works best to cushion pressure points in the hips and shoulders.  A softer mattress will allow the body to sink enough to keep the spine aligned. If you are looking for a softer mattress, check out our Cocoa- Soft Latex Mattress and the Cocoa- Gel Mattress.

Back sleepers need more support in their lower back and softer mattress can cause the body to sink and round the spine. People who sleep on their backs should try firmer mattresses. Our firmest mattresses are the Cocoa- Firm Latex Mattress and the Daytona- Firm Mattress.

Stomach sleepers face similar issues to back sleepers and need to avoid mattresses very soft mattresses that can cause them to sink into the mattress. The abdomen and pelvis tend to sink further than the back, so a medium to firm mattress will offer support without extending the spine. The Cape- 6-inch Hybrid Coil Mattress and the Cocoa- Firm Latex Mattress are medium to medium-firm. 

If you sleep in more than one position, a medium to firm mattress offers enough flexibility to support multiple pressure points. Try the Cocoa- Firm Latex Mattress our medium-firm option.

Why should you choose Custom Mattress Makers for your mattress? We offer a combination of durability and comfort that is hard to beat. A keen focus on materials helped us to concentrate our efforts on thicker coils for our mattresses. This improves the longevity of our products. We also use high-density foam for the same reason. The final key to our success is creating just the right arrangement of coils within the mattresses. Custom Mattress Makers believes that a higher concentration of coils makes for the most comfortable sleeping experience.

Our team is always happy to answer your questions about sizing, materials, or our satisfaction guarantee. Need some extra help? Just start HERE and Custom Mattress Makers will take care of you.


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