What is the difference between popular mattresses types?

With more mattress options available than ever, it can be difficult to decide which mattress is the best for your needs. Here is a breakdown of five common mattress types:

Innerspring - Innerspring mattresses use spring coils to create tension between layers of padding and upholstery materials which can give support. They have been around since the early 1900s and are the most popular style of mattress according to Consumer Reports. However, they tend to be bouncy and less comfortable than the other mattress styles.

All Foam - In the past decade, memory foam mattresses have been gaining popularity. The material was created by NASA in the 1960s and utilizes high-density polyurethane foam to create support that cradles and takes the exact shape of your body. Foam also minimizes motion transfer, which is great for couples. The most common complaint about all foam mattresses is they retain heat. Since the mattress is made of only foam, body heat gets trapped and cannot be released. People who tend to “sleep hot” may want to explore other options. Another downside is foam will wear out faster than steel, which reduces the life expectancy of an all foam mattress.

All Latex - Latex is another option for those looking for a mattress that conforms to the body. There are two types of latex, natural latex created from a byproduct of the sap from rubber trees, and synthetic latex made from petroleum-based materials. Currently, latex is the most durable foam in the mattress industry and will change less over time than any other type. Latex also retains less heat than poly-foam. Some downsides to an all latex mattress is extra bounciness and a very expensive price tag.

Hybrid - Hybrid mattresses combine a steel coil support like an innerspring or encased coil system, and combines them with poly-foam, latex, or memory foam on top. The hybrid mattress gives the support and strength of a spring mattress with the comfort and softness of the other support systems. This is one of the most common style mattresses and are found at a majority of retailer around the country.

All Custom Mattress Makers mattresses would fall under the Hybrid category. They utilize a tempered steel, individually-wrapped coil system on the bottom for strength and support, complemented by the highest grade latex, memory foam and poly-foams on top.

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