European Size Mattresses

European Size Mattresses

    Custom Mattress Makers knows that every unusually-sized bed has a story. Was it a family heirloom from your aunt in Spain? Perhaps it was shipped over after a sabbatical in Norway. Whatever the story, when that frame needs a new mattress, we can help.

    What sizes can Custom Mattress Makers assist with?


      Width x Length
    (metric) (imperial)

    EU - Single/Twin

    90 x 200 cm

    36” x 78”


    EU - Single Extra Long

    90 x 210 cm

    36” x 82”


    EU - Small Double

    120 x 200 cm

    48” x 78”


    EU - Double

    140 x 200 cm

    54” x 78”


    EU - King

    160 x 200 cm

    63” x 79”


    EU - Grand King

    180 x 200 cm

    71” x 79”


    UK - King

    152 x 198 cm

    60 x 78"


    UK - Queen or Super King

    183 x 198 cm

    72 x 78"


    If you don’t see your size above please contact us HERE and we can discuss whether Custom Mattress Makers can be of assistance.

    What makes Custom Mattress Makers the right choice for your European-size mattress? First, we use high-density upholstery padding that lasts and lasts and lasts. It almost never wears out and when you’re worn out, that matters. Next up it’s time to count coils. While it may be more fun to count sheep when we’re talking beds, coils matter as well. Having a large amount of coils means each one will have to do less work. This also means that your mattress will hug your unique body shape better than a mattress with less. There’s another aspect of coils you’ll want to take into account as well. When selecting a mattress you want to pay attention to coil thickness, or gauge. The lower the gauge number, the thicker and more durable the steel support system is. This ensures that your perfect mattress will last for not only your eight hour slumber, but for all of your REM cycles for years. It may not be a surprise that the mattress we just described is what we create here at Custom Mattress Makers.

    We know that you want a European-size mattress. We know you want a high quality mattress like the one we described above. Now let’s talk about options like Firm, Medium or Plush. It’s time to really start shopping and looking at options HERE. The Cape, Daytona and Cocoa are waiting for you!


    Frequently Asked Questions about European Beds & Mattresses

    • What is the primary difference between American and European mattress sizes?
      • Generally, European mattress sizes are in metric units as opposed to the Imperial or English units used in America. European mattresses are similar in size to their American counterparts, but they do not match exactly. European sizes are also different from UK mattress sizes.  Custom Mattress Makers can help determine the best size for your EU size bed.

    • What benefits does a mattress protector provide?

      • Mattress protectors help keep your mattress from being stained by liquids or spills, as well as protect against dust mites. They also help protect any warranties that might be on your mattress. They can be customized according to size needs, so pay special attention to dimensions when shopping for European beds.

    • I need a queen mattress. What European mattress is closest in size?
      • A US queen mattress is 60 inches by 80 inches. For European bed sizes, you can go with a double which is 54 inches in width and 78 inches in length, a European King, which is 63 inches in width and 79 inches in length, or a Grand/Super King, which is 71 inches in width and 79 inches in length.

    • How long does it take a bed to expand to its proper size?
      • The amount of time it takes for our European beds to achieve size will vary, depending on several factors. We suggest that you wait at least three hours after unpacking to allow the coils and upholstery sufficient time to expand. At that point it is ready to be used as normal and will continue to stretch and relax for up to 48 hours afterwards.

    • Is there a time limit on how long the bed can stay packed?

      • We strongly recommend that you unpack our European beds as soon as possible, not to exceed 3 weeks after delivery date. Keeping the bed packed for longer than 30 days could lead to structural damage that could void your warranty.
      • While European mattress sizes are generally a bit shorter than their American-sized counterparts, that’s where the differences lie. Our European beds are noted by their lengths and widths in metric units (centimeters), so it’s important to have your required measurements when you’re shopping for a comfortable place to rest.