Custom mattress measuring templates

Mattress Measuring Templates

Here are some helpful templates to use when measuring for your special size mattress. We've included one for each cut and shape that we make (click the name to jump to that template):

  1. Standard rectangle
  2. Single angle cut (right or left)
  3. Two angle cuts
  4. Two notched corners (bed posts)
  5. Four notched corners (bed posts)
  6. Four angle cuts
  7. Radius (rounded) corner

Feel free to save and print any template below at your home. If you're on a computer, right-clicking a picture will allow you to save it. For cell phone or tablets, press and hold your finger on a picture and then add to photos.

If you have a special cut, upload your completed template on one of our special cut pages, or via the Custom Mattress Request form HERE. We use these measurements to create a digital sketch, which is approved by you prior to us starting any work. *When you send us your template, please let us know if the measurements listed are "tight" frame measurements, or the measurements you'd like the mattress to be.

We hope this allows you to obtain measurements more quickly and confidently!
If you don't see your mattress shape listed here, please drop us a line and we will help find what you need.

standard rectangle mattress size measuring templateright angled corner mattress measuring templateleft hand corner angled custom mattresstwo angled corner cuts mattress templatetwo bed post cut outs for special size mattresstwo notched corners for your custom size mattress bedfour angled corners template for custom mattress

how to measure radius rounded corner mattress


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