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RV Mattress

RV Mattress

American travelers have always been made of the right stuff. The grit and determination that the highway demands can take its toll even on the most steadfast of road warriors. If you have the wrong mattress your back will be hurting you come morning, but if you have a mattress from Custom Mattress Makers then you’ll be riding easy from sea to shining sea. What makes our mattresses different?

Better Materials

If you want the best mattress possible you need high density foam, higher coil counts, and lower coil gauge. Making sure that mattress is made in the USA also doesn’t hurt. The foam density ensures a lasting, high quality mattress. The coil count tells you how snugly the mattress will conform to your body. We use thicker steel for our coils because that means the mattress can take more miles than your father’s Winnebago. Custom Mattress Makers handles the details so you don’t have to worry about it.

The Perfect Fit

RV mattresses often are unusual sizes and not just your standard king, queen, or twin. That’s not a problem for us as Custom Mattress Makers specializes in odd-sized mattresses. We can help you figure out how to measure and get a product that feels great and fits the space you have. Measuring twice and cutting once isn’t just good advice for a carpenter and we take it to heart.

We’re Not Satisfied Until You Are

Custom Mattress Makers has a satisfaction guarantee. We’re so confident in our product that we give you 100 nights to make sure your new mattress works for you. Why do we do it? So you can sleep easier. Read about all the details HERE.

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