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European Single Extra Long Mattress

European Single Extra Long Mattresses are generally about 35” x 87” and commonly found in the Netherlands. This is likely because the average male is 6’ tall in The Netherlands and the average woman is 5’ 6”! If you need a little extra length to accommodate your frame then Custom Mattress Makers can help.

Whether you’re in need of a European-sized mattress or an American-sized mattress some things don’t differ. You need a mattress that will provide the best value possible and a good night’s rest. Custom Mattress achieves the best value you can find in the marketplace by leveraging thick coils in our springs and high density foam. Our engineers chose both because they increase the longevity of our mattresses. They also came up with a specific configuration of coils that is meant to hug your body and maximize your comfort. 

Speaking of comfort, let’s talk about the options Custom Mattress Makers offers.

Still unsure? Our legendary 100 night satisfaction guarantee is meant to take your concerns away. Combining that with a read of our  product warranty and we’re confident that you’ll be ready to start an order. Custom Mattress Makers is willing and able to tackle any of your other concerns if you contact us HERE.