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Horse Trailer Mattress

There may not be anything more American than riding horses. Whether it’s a cowboy on a Mustang blazing across a mesa in the Southwest or a polished equestrian performing a steeplechase in a bucolic New England setting there’s something about horses that stirs the blood of Americans. We here at Custom Mattress Makers salute those who love horses and we provide custom mattresses that can fit in your horse trailer.

Saddle Up

When you lay down on your mattress after a day on the trails it shouldn’t feel like taming a bucking bronco. You want a relaxing night of sleep so that you can be up with the dawn. Custom Mattress Makers can deliver that with a mattress with excellent foam density, high coil count, and almost perfect coil thickness. This means your mattress will age well and give you a comfortable experience all night long. The fact that our mattresses are made here in the USA doesn’t hurt either. Whether you’re in Philly, Horseheads, or Equestria Custom Mattress Makers offers free shipping.

Our mattresses work in the tight spaces of horse trailers and can withstand the elements. We know that your favorite brands like Sundowner, Featherlite, Circle J, Cimarron, or others may feel unique, but Custom Mattress Makers can help. Contact us to talk through options and to ask any questions you might have about mattress height, odd shapes, and more.

Just as horse aficionados have preferences for Arabians, Appaloosas, or Clydesdales so do our most dedicated fans have preferences for the Cape (medium), Daytona (firm), and Cocoa (plush and medium). Our fans also rave about our 100 night satisfaction guarantee. Chomping at the bit to become a part of our ever expanding group of evangelists? Start shopping for a horse trailer mattress today!