Custom Mattress & Foundation Warranty

Factory Warranty

All mattresses and foundations sold on this website are fully warrantied against manufacturing defects. Please view the warranty information below and contact us with any questions:

Which products are warrantied?

  • All mattress models that were manufactured by Custom Mattress Makers and purchased through this website.
  • All foundations that were purchased through this website.

What is covered under this warranty?


  • Body impressions deeper than 1.5” when measured using the straight edge method, at a non-stitched area of mattress. Proper frame and center support must be used. 
    • Body impressions can be measured by laying a straight edge on top of the mattress and then measuring down to the top of the mattress. First, lay a straight edge item on top of the mattress (yardstick, broomstick, etc.). Next, take a ruler or tape measure and measure the depth of the impression to a "non-stitched" area.  The distance from the mattress fabric to the bottom of the straight edge will give you the impression depth.
  • Coils or wires that protrude through the top, side or bottom fabric of mattress.
  • Severe separation of the binding tape at either the top or bottom of mattress.


  • Impressions deeper than 1.5” when measured using the straight edge method, at a non-stitched area of mattress. Proper center support must be used.
  • Any cracking or breaking of wood construction.
  • Included bolts or nuts that are defective upon delivery.

What is not covered under this warranty?

  • Normal body impressions of up to and including 1.5” in depth using the straight edge measuring method away from any stitching. Any impression less than or equal to these measurements is considered normal and are not covered under this warranty.
  • Shipping costs associated with a replacement mattress or foundation. Any shipping costs of a replacement product are the responsibility of the customer.
  • A mattress that is left in its original packaging and unopened for more than 30 days following the delivery date.
  • Fabric Cover (Ticking) is not covered in any way.
  • A product without a “law tag” (affixed or not) will not be covered.
  • A product that is soiled, stained, burned or abused in any way.
  • A mattress that has been used with an unsupportive foundation, platform bed or boxspring (see below for appropriate support examples).
  • Any mattress or foundation that is used with an unsupportive frame or bedstead. This includes frames that lack center leg(s) extending to the floor.
  • A mattress or foundation used in a commercial setting (hotel, motel, B&B, institution, etc.) are not covered under this factory warranty.
  • Customer comfort is not included with this warranty.
    • The softening of a mattress over use time is completely normal and is not considered a structural defect.
  • Your mattress may or may not be outfitted with a zipper on the underside of the mattress.  This zipper must not be unzipped under any circumstances and doing so may void the mattress warranty.

Where can I find how long and what type of warranty my mattress has?

  • Warranty information is printed on the white law tag(s) affixed to the mattress or foundation. The warranty length is written in YR/YR format.
    • The first number is the length of the non-prorated warranty. For example, 1/0 is a 1 year non-prorated warranty. 
    • The second number is the length of the prorated warranty. For example, 5/10 is a 5 year non-prorated and 10 year prorated warranty. 
  • What is a non-prorated warranty?
    • Non-prorated means full coverage.  If there is an accepted warranty issue within the non-prorated timeframe, the product is replaced at no charge to the owner.  This warranty only covers the mattress or foundation itself and not any additional charges or items. Delivery cost associated with the replacement and any accessory products are not covered. 
  • What is a prorated warranty?
    • A prorated warranty reimburses the owner, based on the amount of value left in the mattress. Under this coverage, the mattress depreciates an equal amount each year until the warranty expires.
    • For example, let's say that a mattress has a 10 year prorated warranty.  If an accepted warranty claim were to arise in year six of the mattress's life, 60% of its value has been used, therefore 40% of the purchase amount will be reimbursed to the owner.  If the claim occurred in year seven, 30% would be reimbursed, 20% in year eight, and 10% in year nine until the warranty expiration date. 
    • The owner would have the option of being reimbursed via their original payment method, or with a credit towards a new mattress. 
  • The warranty coverage period runs from the original date of purchase. Replacement or reimbursement of any mattress or foundation does not extend the warranty period or begin a new limited warranty period. If the white law tag is removed, please retain with your other records. 

How do I submit a warranty claim?

  1. If after reviewing this document you believe a manufacturing defect exists, and this defect is included in the “What is covered under this warranty” section, please send an inquiry via the “Contact Us” webpage HERE.
  2. Photos will be required to show the defective portion of the product. These can be attached directly to an email.
  3. After reviewing the claim, Custom Mattress Makers will make a fair and honest determination if the mattress yields a manufacturing defect, and whether this is covered under warranty.
  4. In the event a claim is accepted, Custom Mattress Makers will replace or reimburse the customer based on the type of warranty attached to that product or model.
    1. Under a non-prorated timeframe:  The defective mattress or foundation will be replaced with the exact model and size, if that model is still available. If the model is unavailable, a comparable product will be substituted. This product replacement is provided to the customer at no charge, excluding all shipping costs.
    2. Under a prorated timeframe:  The owner will be reimbursed, based on the depreciated value of the mattress.  An explanation of this can be found in the previous section.  It is the owner's decision whether the reimbursement be to their original payment method or a credit towards a new mattress.  Funds will be processed within 3 business days, immediately following the acceptance and confirmation of the claim. 
  • All shipping/transportation costs associated with a warranty replacement are the responsibility of the customer. Custom Mattress Makers will calculate the exact UPS Ground shipping cost of the replacement and an invoice will be sent via email. Once the balance is satisfied, the replacement product will be shipped and the warranty process will be completed.
  • The disposal of any mattress or foundation is the responsibility of the customer and will not be paid for by Custom Mattress Makers.

Odd/Custom Size Mattress Variance

Due to physical limitations of components, as well as the packaging process, barometric pressure, humidity and other elements out of our control, all mattresses are subject to a 1" variance in both the width and length.
      • As skilled as our builders are, it is almost impossible to construct a mattress to the exact dimensions of all possible size combinations. Since a majority of our mattresses feature steel coils, each coil spring has a predetermined diameter which cannot be split in half or thirds. Therefore, we confidently build the mattress to within a 1" variance of requested dimensions. Although the deviation is more common with coil mattresses, every mattress, regardless of design, will fall under this variance. 
      • In most cases, our mattresses are very close to perfect. However, these restrictions do exist and it is completely normal to see your mattress slightly undersized. 

      What can I place my mattress on for proper support?

      • Any of the following can be used to properly support a mattress:
        1. A firm, relatively new boxspring, which you can purchase HERE. The surface of the boxspring should be completely flat across with no "bowing" in the middle. If the boxspring is 8 years old or older, it should be replaced. 
        2. A platform style bed frame with a roll-out slat system. The gap in between each slat should be no more than 3". If the gap in between each slat is wider than 3", more slats should be added or a boxspring/foundation needs to be used. 
        3. A solid platform surface. The surface should be sturdy and completely flat, free from impressions. Keep in mind that the entire mattress must be supported evenly from edge to edge.
        4. An adjustable bed. All mattresses we make are designed to work with adjustable beds.
      • Bed Frame - Center Support
        1. All mattresses and foundations with a width between 53” and 60" must be supported by a frame that has at least one (1) leg extending to the floor near the center of the bed. This includes standard sizes such as full (double) and queen.
        2. All mattresses and foundations with a width greater than 60" must be supported by a frame that has at least two (2) legs extending to the floor near the center of the bed. This includes standard sizes such as king and California king.
        • Center support, for the sizes listed above, is very important. Bed frames that lack center support can cause the mattress to “bow” towards the middle. This causes premature sagging and makes the mattress feel much softer than intended. To receive full benefit of your new mattress and/or foundation, please be sure your bed frame meets these requirements.

        Mattress Maintenance 

        The following are recommended to ensure a mattress is properly maintained:
          • Rotate the mattress, head to toe, once every 2-3 months
            • Similar to rotating the tires on your car, this allows the mattress to wear evenly over time.
            • Failure to rotate a mattress can cause premature body impressions and loss of comfort.
              • Mattresses with unique angle or corner cuts may not be able to be rotated.
          • Use a waterproof mattress protector.
            • This keeps the mattress clean and free of liquids/contaminants that could severely compromise materials inside. 
            • When liquids and moisture come in contact with a mattress, it is deadly. 
            • Any staining on a mattress would void the warranty.
          • Zipper on underside of mattress
            • If your mattress is equipped with a zipper on the bottom, DO NOT UNZIP THE COVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Doing so may negatively affect materials inside the mattress and will void the warranty.
            • Any fabric around the mattress should be spot cleaned only and never machine washed.

            Custom Mattress Makers shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages which result through the use of this product. No warranties, expressed or implied, are extended to persons who purchase this product from anyone other than Custom Mattress Makers Inc. or its authorized dealers, and all warranties to such persons, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness, are hereby excluded.     Revised 10/2022