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Motorhome Mattress

We here at Custom Mattress Makers are big fans of sleep. Americans often struggle with sleep with only one in five people getting the full 7-8 hours of rest that is recommended per night and 60% of individuals experiencing some kind of issue relating to sleep in their life. This sounds like a sleep epidemic! We know that you go on vacation to relax and you can’t do that if your motorhome mattress is subpar. What makes our mattresses stand out from the pack?

Made of the “Right Stuff”

If you were designing your own perfect mattress for your RV you would want to focus on four things.

  1. High density foam. If you want a mattress that can stand the test of time then foam density matters to you.
  2. Coil count. Making sure you have the correct coil count is like the difference between buying a cheap sportcoat and a custom-tailored Italian suit. It’s all about the fit.
  3. Coil thickness. Thin coils mean your mattress will wear out sooner. Thick coils ensures comfortable nights for years to come.
  4. Made in the USA. We believe that when you can it’s great to buy American. We like to do this because we know it supports American families and helps keep dollars in communities like ours.

Sounds like a great mattress, right? Custom Mattress Makers covers all of the above for motorhomes whether they’re Class A, Class C, fifth wheels, expandables, fold downs, toy haulers or travel trailers.

Motorhome Mattresses Are Unique

Your RV has a lot of personality just like you. The mattress is likely an unusual size and not your standard king, queen, full or twin. At Custom Mattress Makers we handle nearly all sizes and can make something that fits your motorhome and do it for a reasonable price.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Passion

One of the hardest things about making a purchase online is the concern over quality. After much thought and deliberation Custom Mattress Makers decided to take the fear out of the decision-making process by offering a satisfaction guarantee that spans 100 nights. Why did we do it? The only thing that we love more than RVs or sleep is our customers. Read all of the details of our satisfaction guarantee HERE.

If you’re ready to take action you can view Firm, Medium or Plush options HERE. Also, we offer free shipping to make your life that much easier. Happy trails and we hope we can help you rest easy with a new mattress for your motorhome today!