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Angled Corner Mattresses

angle corner rv camper truck mattress custom

Angled corner mattresses are very hard to come by today. When made the correct way, they require a craftsman to correctly measure and cut each material and certain modifications need to be made to the machines taping the mattress. Thankfully, Custom Mattress Makers has mastered the art of angled corner mattresses and has been building them for almost 20 years.

Angled corner mattresses can be used in a variety of applications. Two of the most common uses are in RV’s and four poster beds.

In an RV, it is common to have a platform bed that has the two end corners angled off. This is to allow easy maneuverability around the bedroom and lessens the chance of hitting your shin on the bed (ouch!). This uniquely styled platform bed is designed to be used with an angled corner mattress. By shaving off both corners at the foot, the mattress will fit the frame correctly without losing length for your feet.

angle corner custom rv camper truck mattress custom

These mattresses are also commonly used in four poster beds. These sometimes “antique” beds were designed with bed posts inside the side rails. This can make it difficult or impossible for standard size mattresses to fit correctly. If one was to make a mattress only to the length of the head or foot posts, it would significantly lessen the length of the mattress. This isn’t ideal, especially with older style beds where the length is on the shorter side to begin with.

The solution to this is to angle the corners of the mattress, so the full length of the bed can be used. This allows the mattress to fit nicely around all sides of the bed and extends the sleeping surface length.

Any of the five models at Custom Mattress Makers can be created with angled corners. Fill out a Custom Mattress Request to get started! https://custommattressmakers.com/pages/custom-mattress-request

Commonly Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my order?
Mattress:  2-3 weeks
*Multiple mattresses may take a bit longer
Foundation:  2-3 weeks
Sheets/Protectors:  2 weeks

Where can I find prices for my size?
Right on the product page. Visit our Mattresses or Foundation pages and you will see two toolbars where you can select the width and length. After your size is entered, the price for that product will show in green.  *If you don't see your size as an option, please contact us and we can discuss further.

What is the largest size you offer?
Mattress: 78" wide and 84" long (single piece).
Box/Foundation: 78" wide and 83" long (two pieces).
Sheets/Protectors: Larger than above sizes. Contact us for details.

What do I do if my mattress needs a special cut?
Please visit our Special Cuts page. We can build angled, notched and radius/rounded corners.
Unfortunately, we are unable to build hinged mattresses at this time.

How much is shipping?
This price you see listed for any of our products includes UPS shipping.  That is provided at no additional charge.
*You also have the option of adding In-Home Setup of your mattress or Signature Required on delivery, which do have an added cost.
*Taxes are only collected if the mattress is shipping to Florida.