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Mattress Unpacking Tips

Important note before we get started:

  • The mattress should be unpacked as soon as possible. We have tested mattresses compressed for the duration of 3 weeks with no issues, but would recommend opening it before then.
    *If the mattress is left compressed for longer than 30 days, structural issues can develop and the warranty will be voided.

Ready to unpack? Let's go!

Your new mattress is compressed, rolled and boxed so it’s easy to ship and handle. Once you have it where you are going to use it, do the following (we find it easier to do if you have a helper for assistance):

  1. Open one end of the box. If using a sharp object to do this, be careful not to puncture or cut the plastic wrapped mattress inside.

  2. Lay the box on its side and slide the wrapped mattress out.

  3. Position the mattress so there is room for it to unroll and pull on the loose end of the plastic to get things started.

  4. Simply pull the plastic towards you. This may be easier if your helper spins the mattress while you are pulling the plastic.

  5. The mattress will begin to unroll. When it is completely flat, there may be some wrinkling along the side panels. This is normal and after a short period of time these wrinkles will smooth out and the mattress will lay flat. Please allow a few hours for the upholstery to expand to full shape.

  6. If after waiting a few hours the mattress still seems undersized, feel free to grab one end of the mattress by the tape edge and pull. Sometimes the packing process can cause the coils to squeeze together a bit - which can be corrected by helping it stretch and expand to full size. This works best with one person holding one end of the mattress while the other pulls/shakes on the other side.

  7. You're all done! Enjoy!

*To ensure optimal comfort, remember to rotate your mattress head-to-toe, 180 degrees, once every 1-2 months.