The pros and cons of buying a mattress online vs in store

There are many ways to purchase a new mattress, but which is better, buying a mattress in store or online?

The clearest benefit of buying a mattress in a store is you can see the mattress before you make your purchase. Reading descriptions and reviews online can give you an idea of what to expect, but there is no substitute for feeling the mattress yourself. However, lying down on a mattress for a few minutes is not a true facsimile of a full night of sleep.

In stores, salespeople are available to answer questions and make suggestions, but often work on commission. It may be difficult to determine if you are receiving unbiased advice. Prices in some stores can be more flexible, so if you feel comfortable negotiating, it is possible to get a better deal than the sticker price. 

The major con of buying in store is the lack of selection. Shopping at a store can limit you just to the manufacturers they offer. If your mattress is in stock, you may be able to receive you mattresses faster than purchasing online. Depending on available inventory, you may need to wait for your mattress to ship from another store or a warehouse.

The biggest benefit of buying a mattress online is the convenience. You can compare retailers and prices at your leisure. Shopping online offers much more selection than purchasing in store, and there are also options that can only be ordered online. Browsing the internet also allows you to aggregate reviews from different sources to make sure you receive unbiased opinions. 

Mattresses purchased online are often cheaper than mattresses purchased in store because if you buy from a manufacturer directly, they are not paying for the overhead of a brick and mortar store. Also, if you buy the mattress online from an out-of-state retailer, you do not have to pay sales tax.

When deciding where to purchase your mattresses, it is important to ask about the return policy. Most online options allow you to sleep on the mattress for an allotted amount of time so you can make sure that you have bought the right mattress for your best sleep experience Custom Mattress Makers offer a 100-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely comfortable on the mattress, or are not satisfied in any way, Custom Mattress Makers will refund the full purchase amount of the mattress up to 100-nights after receiving delivery.To find out more about our return policy, click here.

Why should you purchase a mattress from Custom Mattress Makers? We offer a combination of durability and comfort that is hard to beat. A keen focus on materials helped us to concentrate our efforts on thicker coils for our mattresses. This improves the longevity of our products. We also use high-density foam for the same reason. The final key to our success is creating just the right arrangement of coils within the mattresses. Custom Mattress Makers believes that a higher concentration of coils makes for the most comfortable sleeping experience.

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