Our Policies

At Custom Mattress Makers, a larger part of our time is spent focused on creating a simple and straightforward ordering process for our customers. To achieve this, we aim to be completely transparent and upfront about any policies regarding our store and products. Since all products are completely custom and made to order, there are some limitations on what we can and cannot do. Please see our store policies listed below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions:


1.  Order Changes and Cancellations

Need to make a change to a mattress size?

Custom Mattress Makers allows for size changes up to 24 hours after the order is placed.

  • In an effort to keep lead-times as short as possible, we start assembling materials as early as one day after the order is placed. After the build process has started, we cannot make any changes to the order.
  • If it is within 24 hours of the order being placed and you need to make a change, please reply to the order confirmation email or email us via the CONTACT US page.

Need to cancel an order?

Similar to the above policy, orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of the order being placed. This applies to mattresses and sheet orders. The purchase amount will be refunded, minus a 2.6% processing fee.

  • Due to the custom nature of our products, we cannot cancel an order after 24 hours have passed and the build process has already started.
  • If you're interested in cancelling a an order and it is within 24 hours of the order being placed, please reply to the order confirmation email or email us via the CONTACT US page.

2.  Odd/Custom Size Mattress Variance

Due to coil barrel diameters, all custom/odd-size mattresses are subject to up to a 1" variance in each direction.

      • As skilled as our builders are, it is almost impossible to construct a spring mattress to the exact dimensions of all size combinations. Each coil spring has a predetermined diameter, therefore we are somewhat limited when it comes to the width and length of the mattress.  Since we cannot split a coil in half or thirds, we build the mattress to within a 1" variance of requested dimensions. 
      • In most cases our mattresses are very close to perfect. However, these restrictions do exist and it is completely normal to see your mattress slightly smaller or larger than ordered.
      • On the Cart page, there is a box where you can request the mattress to be made "slightly undersize" or "slightly oversize". 
      • Find additional information about odd size variances HERE

      3.  100-Night Satisfaction Guarantee

      • All mattresses purchased from Custom Mattress Makers™ are eligible for the 100-Night Satisfaction Guarantee. This includes custom sizes. For more information about how this program works, visit our webpage HERE.
      • Refunds are provided at no charge, up to 100 nights of the products delivery date. If this 100 nights is exceeded, eligibility for this program has expired and no refunds can be processed.
      • This refund program is offered one time per household. Custom Mattress Makers reserves the right to refuse multiple refund requests made by the same household.

      4.  Shipping Information

      • All mattresses from Custom Mattress Makers are packaged via the "roll-packing" process. This process compresses and rolls the mattress into a carton that allows it to be shipped any physical street address in the continental USA. Feel free to read more about that process on our Shipping page HERE.
      • All mattresses are shipped via UPS, to the front door of the address listed as "shipping address" on the original order. Your new mattress will be delivered in the same fashion that any other UPS package would be delivered to your home or business.
      • Due to current UPS policy, old mattress and boxspring removals are not available at this time.
      • Custom size sheet orders are packaged and shipped via UPS from First Avenue Manufacturing in Thomson, Georgia.