Our Factory & Brand

Custom Mattress Makers is a family owned and operated company that builds and sells mattresses directly to its customers. Located in Clearwater, Florida, each mattress is hand-crafted using the highest-quality, made in USA materials.  All of the products are designed, built and tested under one roof; which are then sold factory-direct via this website.

High-quality materials, skilled tailoring, and top-notch customer service has allowed Custom Mattress Makers to receive the following accolades by national health and sleep publications:

Best Overall Custom Mattress by SleepFoundation.org
Best Custom Made RV Mattress by SleepFoundation.org
Most Comfortable Custom Mattress by SleepDoctor.com
Best Custom Size Mattress for Trucks by SleepFoundation.org

Experience, skill, and attention to detail

Nearly one thousand mattresses are made-as-ordered every year and find their way to owners in each of the 48 contiguous states. Coil systems are built, fabrics are cut and padding is applied. Then the mattresses are packaged and shipped, all from the same location. From start to finish, all manufacturing processes are performed following exclusive, procedural guidelines, which have been proven successful for nearly three decades. This yields a consistent level of quality and tailoring, each and every time.

Custom Mattress Makers is an alternative to your average "mass produced" mattress and the differences are significant. The build process is painstaking in its attention to detail and, unlike mass production factories that turn out hundreds of mattresses per day, the necessary amount of time is set aside to make sure each item is built correctly. Alongside craftsmanship, quality of material is also very important. Only the best of the best materials make the cut because it's the only way to produce the best mattress.

Everything is sourced from the United States and attention is paid to the environment. The support system in 10 of the 11 mattress options consists of tempered-steel, which provides stronger support and less change over time than any other design. All high-density upholstery padding have been approved by CertiPUR-US as low emission and made without ozone depleters, all latex padding is 100% natural and is Rainforest Alliance Certified, and the adhesive used is a water-based solution that has received a GREENGUARD certificate of compliance by Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

A diamond in the rough

In current times, it can be difficult to find a company that has true experience in the mattress industry. Most online brands today are run by marketers whom, although very intelligent, have never used a sewing machine or hog ring gun. Their efforts are spent making the product look enticing, while quality control is left on the back burner. Custom Mattress Makers operates their business the "old school" way, which is the customer and product come first. Less glitz and glamour keeps their mind focused on what's most important: the mattress and its future owner. 

The owner, Nick, and his brothers, Conner and Jake, are honored to have the opportunity to provide these exceptional products to their customers.  Whether it's the quality and comfort of the mattresses, or the knowledge and friendliness of the staff, every aspect of your CMM experience is guaranteed to please.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the team using the Contact Us page. You will receive a prompt and thorough response.