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Antique Bed Mattress

Vintage beds have a character and charm that often are missing from today’s models. This character can come at a cost of convenience though as traditionally beds from previous generations were narrower than what we’ve grown accustomed to. Ironically, a king may not have been sleeping on a king-sized mattress! Often full mattresses were 48 inches wide instead of the more common 54 inches we see today. Lengths varied some, but were often still 75 inches. This means that you may need the help of a partner like Custom Mattress Makers to upgrade the mattress in your favorite vintage bed.

Choosing the Right Partner

We’re always excited to help add some comfort to a beautiful antique bed. Custom Mattress Makers is proud to offer made in the USA products that range from Firm to Medium to Plush. It is our pleasure to help you measure your bed and get the exact dimensions just right.

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I thought I'd never find a mattress to fit our ancient 4-poster bed, but decided to give this a try. The customer service people were very helpful with advice on taking measurements. The mattress was delivered on time, just what we expected, and has worked out well. Happy Customer

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The Cape (available in medium), Daytona (available in firm), and Cocoa (available in plush and medium) could be your next antique bed mattress. Custom Mattress Makers can help at each step to make the process easy. We even offer a 100 night satisfaction guarantee. That’s the sort of craftsmanship and confidence you can expect from a product made in the USA. Start shopping right now!