Mattress Size Variance

Custom-Size Mattress Variance

When ordering a custom sized mattress, or any size mattress for that matter, it's important to keep in mind that there is always a slight variance that may occur. This is true across the industry, regardless of the manufacturer or what components are used. 

What is a "Custom-Size Mattress Variance"?

When looking at the exact sizing of a finished mattress, several factors come into play:

  • material components
  • barometric pressure
  • humidity
  • packaging process

Whether it's a mattress with coils or all foam, these are factors that come into play which we have no control over. There is always the potential for the the finished dimensions on the table at the factory to change slightly after it's been packaged, shipped and placed onto a bed frame.

Looking at the material/component aspect, 13 out of our 15 mattress models have individually-wrapped (steel) coil systems. Each coil in these mattresses has a predetermined diameter which is set in stone. When we lay the coils out to be built, there's a chance that the width or length will fall directly in the middle of a coil.  This forces us to either remove the coil and have the measurement be slightly undersized, or leave it in and measure slightly oversized. Therefore, we confidently build the mattress to within a 1 inch variance of requested dimensions. It is completely normal for your mattress to finish slightly smaller or larger than ordered.  

Regardless of the skill level of the craftsman, which is very high here, it is impossible to construct a mattress to exact desired dimensions for every possible size combination.  

    Do I have a preference of whether you undersize or oversize for the variance?

    • Yes! On the Cart page, you can request a "slightly undersize" or "slightly oversize" preference when we build. You can apply the same preference to both the width and length, or one preference for the width and another for the length. We will use this information during the build process to ensure your new mattress fits accordingly.  *Remember, there is a chance that we may not need to use this variance.

    Will the variance be a full 1 inch in every case?

    • Although we require up to 1 inch on all mattresses, the majority of our mattresses finish well under that variance. Our craftsman are very skilled and do a good job at keeping this to a minimum, but it is important to anticipate this variance when entering your size. 

    If I measured the dimensions of my frame and entered that for the mattress size, what should I choose for the variance preference?

    • If you measured the "tight" space of your frame from wood to wood (or metal to metal), it is our recommendation to select "Slightly Undersize" for the variance. This will allow for a small amount of space in between the frame and the mattress. Tucking sheets under will be easier and the mattress will fit more comfortably. 
    • If you already accounted for a small space between the frame and mattress, it still may be a good idea to undersize slightly. That will ensure the small perimeter space remains available. 

    How is the new mattress size measured?

    • The finished mattress size at the factory is measured from “wall to wall”. The binding tape, which connects the bottom, top, and sides of the mattress together, is not included. This is because it doesn’t prevent the mattress from fitting into an area of the frame. The tape is simply a piece of fabric that should be compressed when a mattress protector and/or fitted sheet is put on. It’s normal for the “tape to tape” measurement to be slightly more than the finished size written on the white law tag.

    If you have any additional questions about the 1 inch mattress variance, please feel free to contact us HERE