Read These RV Mattress Reviews Before Making Your Purchase

Nick N |

If you’re in the market for a new RV mattress, you are probably already feeling overwhelmed over all of the options available. Although, we bet when you first started your search for an RV mattress, you quickly found that traditional mattresses weren’t suitable in both the material and size for your vehicle. 

Where did that leave you? You could stay with the poorly made and uncomfortable one that came in your RV, or you can buy a custom mattress made to fit perfectly in your motorhome. However, then comes the concern about purchasing a mattress online, as custom mattresses are most often bought from an online retailer. 

Since you can’t physically touch the mattress before buying it, you have to rely on the descriptions written by the retailer and manufacturer and trust people’s reviews of their own mattress. 

While there’s nothing like touching the real thing before buying it, RV mattress reviews can be extremely helpful. Here at Custom Mattress Makers, we are proud to share some of our customers’ RV mattress reviews to help you make your decision about where to purchase your custom mattress. 

“We are so pleased with the new mattress custom fit to our lower bunk bed. It is very comfortable - and so much better than the foam that came with the RV. The purchasing experience was easy, efficient, and professional. Shipped within ten days and delivered to my RV park right on time. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone interested in a new mattress for their RV.” - Suzanne P., purchased our Cape Mattress with Angled Corners

“Best sleep ever in our RV! Super comfy and the custom size is perfect. Thank you for getting them made and delivered so quickly!!” - Lisa & M.V., bought our Sanibel Mattress

“Love our mattress. Would recommend this mattress for home or RV.” - Robert C., bought our Coco Gel Mattress

“Perfect Custom Mattress for our RV bunk! We ordered a Cape 6” custom-sized mattress to fit the upper bunk in our new RV trailer. The fit is perfect, and the mattress is high quality and very comfortable. Extremely pleased with our purchase!” - Matthew P., bought our Cape Mattress

“We have not had a chance to really sleep on the mattress but it is certainly of high quality. Excellent customer service. Custom made perfect fit for our RV with odd sizing and shape. Thank you!” - Tim I.G., bought our Daytona Mattress with Angled Corners

Why Choose Custom Mattress Makers?

After reading our previous customers’ reviews of their experience when purchasing an RV mattress, you may be wondering just who Custom Mattress Makers is. 

We are a custom mattress retailer that works directly with the manufacturers right here in the USA. Our mattresses are crafted with the highest quality material and cut to a precision that meets your specified dimensions. 

Since we know it can take some time to fully commit to your mattress, we offer a 100-day satisfaction guarantee to our customers. 

What are you waiting for? 

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