How a Custom Mattress Can Help Elevate Your Interior Design Firm

As an interior design firm owner, you’re always looking for ways to spice up your business and offer even more satisfaction to your clients. While you already have a great eye for style and design, what if there was one way that you could elevate your interior design firm with just one simple item? 

There is! 

When you start using custom mattresses, you can take your interior design firm to unprecedented levels of success. 

Your clients are already expecting a custom design that is unique to their personality from you. Why not give them one more custom piece of furniture that will look great in their home and possibly provide the best sleep of their lives?

In this article, we’ll explore three ways a custom mattress can elevate your interior design firm and where to find the best ones on the market. 

Design More Unique Spaces

When you start using custom mattresses as an option in your interior design firm, you create new opportunities to design unique spaces such as converted vans, motorhomes, and tiny houses. 

The ability to design small and special places won’t only introduce more clients to your interior design firm’s services, but you’ll also challenge your design creativity! Who doesn’t love a good challenge to improve their skills?

Offer Custom Comfort

A home should offer comfort and style to your clients, right? What better way to provide the most comfortable bedroom than with a custom-sized comfortable mattress? 

We understand that interior design is about color palettes, textures, and the principle of design, but it comes with another aspect of creating a comfortable and welcoming home for your client. When you offer custom mattresses as an option, then you know your clients are getting the utmost comfort in their bedrooms. 

The clients that choose a custom mattress won’t only be satisfied with how their home’s design turned out, but they’ll also feel super satisfied from a refreshing, high-quality night’s sleep. 

Unleash Your Creativity

Don’t let standard-sized mattresses limit your creativity as an interior designer. Just because a measure is off by a handful of inches doesn’t mean you should have to rethink your entire design. 

With custom mattresses, you can unleash your creativity to design whatever you and your client want. From angled corners to semi-circle shapes, custom mattresses allow you to let your clients’ wildest dreams come true when it comes to designing their homes. 

Add Custom Mattresses to Your Interior Design Firm Today

If you’re ready to add custom mattresses to your interior design firm, Custom Mattress Makers has you covered. We work directly with the mattress manufacturer to ensure our mattresses are of the highest quality and made to order. 

We also offer a variety of mattresses to meet almost every comfort preference. From gel-infused mattresses to natural latex, your clients will surely get a great night’s sleep. 

Contact us to see how you can incorporate custom mattresses to elevate your interior design firm today! 

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