You Can Now Design Your Own Mattress to Get the Best Night’s Sleep

We live in an age where we can customize just about everything. From clothing to cars to jewelry, now you can even design your own mattress. 

We’re sure you’re well aware that everyone has a different preference when it comes to sleeping well. Some prefer a soft mattress, while others prefer one that’s firm. Some prefer to sleep in the cold with a fan on, while others prefer to sleep under what seems like a hundred blankets. 

This being said, you now have the option to design your own mattress to meet your sleeping needs and habits, so you wake up well-rested and ready to face the day. 

Before you decide to design your own mattress, though, you must first determine how firm you would like the mattress to be. If you aren’t sure what level you need, consider your preferred sleeping position. 

While most people sleep on their sides and need a plush to medium mattress, others prefer to sleep on their backs, in which they would need a firmer mattress. 

Secondly, think about the mattress you’re sleeping on now. Is it too hard? Too soft? Just right? You don’t want to make a dramatic change in the current firmness of your mattress, or you may be uncomfortable. 

Once you’ve decided on the firmness level, it’s time to consider what size you need. While many people have standard twin, full, queen, and king bed frames, others may need a unique mattress size

Luckily, when you design your own mattress, you can choose the perfect dimensions for where you sleep. Whether it’s in an RV, on a houseboat, or an antique bed frame, there’s almost no limit as to what size your mattress can be. 

Lastly, you’ll have to consider the material your mattress is made from. We recommend a natural material, such as latex, over a spring coil mattress, such as an individually pocketed spring system. 

These mattresses are exceptionally durable and offer maximum comfort and support to anyone who sleeps on them. 

Now, the bigger question is, where do you design your own mattress?

Custom Mattress Makers makes it extremely easy to design your own mattress. With a variety of firmness options and almost limitless sizes, you can design your perfect mattress to meet your needs for the best night’s sleep. 

Contact us today and speak to one of our professional team members about which mattress design is best for your sleep needs.

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