Everything You Need to Know About RV Mattress Sizes

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To drive your RV along the beautiful roads of the United States, park, and sleep under the stars is an incredible experience. However, to thoroughly enjoy this experience, you need an excellent RV mattress to sleep on. 

As you are probably well aware, after walking through your RV or camper, the mattress sizes are quite unique and different compared to the beds we have in our homes. While some RV mattress sizes are referred to as a twin or full, the dimensions aren’t necessarily the same.

Before you gear up for your first or next road trip with your RV, make sure you full understand the RV mattress sizes you need and get yourself a comfortable one for the long trip. 


Luckily, there are only two types of twin mattresses found in RVs, and they are actually the same size as the ones you’ll find in your bedroom. 

Twin: 39’’ X 75’’

Twin XL: 39’’ X 80’’ 


There are three queen RV mattress sizes you can choose from. However, you must consider how well it will fit in your space. 

Queen: 60’’ X 80’’

Short Queen: 60’’ X 74’’

Olympic Queen: 66’’ X 80’’


While it’s quite rare to find king-sized mattresses in an RV, some luxurious vehicles do find the space for it. In fact, there are extremely special sizes for RV king mattresses. 

King: 76’’ X 80’’

Short King: 72’’ X 75’’

RV King: 70’’ X 74’’, 70’’ X 80’’, or 72’’ X 80’’


When living in a vehicle for a period of time, you want to use as much space as efficiently as you can. So, don’t be surprised when you find a lot of bunk beds in your RV. Not all bunks are made the same, though. Below are the various RV mattress sizes you can find for bunks. 

RV Bunks:

  • 28’’ X 75’’
  • 30’’ X 75’’
  • 30’’ X 80’’
  • 32’’ X 74’’
  • 34’’ X 75’’
  • 35’’ X 79’’
  • 42’’ X 80’’

Before buying mattresses for your RV, make sure to measure the bedframe not once but twice. You don’t want to order your mattress and find that it isn’t the right size. 

Find the Perfect RV Mattress Sizes Today

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