What’s the difference between natural and synthetic latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are a popular option because they offer exceptional comfort and durability. The material contours the body and springs back quickly. Not all latex mattresses are manufactured the same way from the same materials.

Natural Latex is created from the milky sap harvested directly from rubber trees. There are two methods to turn this substance into latex mattresses. The Dunlop process produces solid latex foam by mixing water with the sap. The mattress mold is filled completely which creates a lighter top and denser bottom as the sap settles. This process has been used since the early 19th century and creates a firmer, denser mattress.

The Talalay process is newer and more complex than the Dunlop process. The sap is poured into the mattress mold, but instead of filling it to the top, air is mixed in. The mold is frozen to stabilize the mixture. Carbon dioxide is added as the mold is heated to create the rubber. This process can be altered to create various firmness options.

Mattresses can also be made from Synthetic Latex. Synthetic Latex was developed during World War II and is created from petroleum-based material known as Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR). Synthetic Latex Mattresses can also be created in a range of firmness options. They are less durable than natural latex, but can be less expensive. However, compared to Natural Latex, Synthetic Latex is not eco-friendly and has a larger carbon footprint. Natural Latex is biodegradable, while Synthetic Latex will end up in a landfill.

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