Invest Your Tax Refund on a Custom Mattress

Most Americans find themselves with some extra cash in their wallet around this time of year, thanks to tax refunds. Conversations with friends revolve around what you’ll do with your newfound wealth. Some decide to go on a vacation, while others upgrade their iPhone to the latest model. 

The smartest thing you can do with your tax refund is to invest in a new custom mattress. We bet you don’t necessarily think buying a new mattress is the most exciting way to use your tax refund, but we’re here to argue that it’s the best thing you can buy with it! 

Justifying a Worthy Investment

Let’s talk numbers for a moment. 

The average person spends ⅓ of his life on a mattress. You can read that again - it’s a shocking fact! 

So, if you spend $1,000 on a new mattress and sleep on it every night for eight hours over the course of eight years, you’re only spending $0.04 per hour on it! That’s only $0.32 per night to sleep on a new, comfortable custom mattress. 

When you break down the numbers, investing your tax refund on a custom mattress doesn’t seem like such an unnecessary purchase. 

Why Invest in a Custom Mattress?

Not all mattresses are made the same, nor should they be. 

We all have a preferred way to get a good night’s sleep. Some people sleep better on a firm mattress, while others want an ultra-plush mattress. It’s essential to find the right firmness for your sleeping position and sleeping preference. 

A custom mattress doesn’t only give you options for different comfort levels but can be made to fit unique bed frames and spaces. So, you’ll be comfortable on your mattress no matter where you’re putting it. 

Along with having a more comfortable mattress that fits any space you choose, you’ll also know you’re sleeping on a clean, brand new mattress when you invest your tax refund on a custom mattress. 

An Investment in Yourself

Personal development is all the rage right now, so you may be tempted to invest your tax refund on a gym membership or some self-help books and courses. But what if we told you that purchasing a new custom mattress is actually an investment in yourself and personal development too?

When you invest your tax refund on a custom mattress, you’re guaranteed to get better sleep. After consistent nights of high-quality sleep, you will increase your productivity during the day, feel more alert, and have more energy to achieve your goals. 

All in all, a new custom mattress is the foundation of your personal development and a necessary investment when working to improve yourself! 

Talk to the Custom Mattress Professionals

Custom Mattress Makers is waiting to talk to you about your custom mattress needs. With a range of comfort levels and custom sizes to fit your needs, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to make sure you’re getting the best sleep possible. 

If you’re ready to invest your tax refund on a custom mattress, contact us today!

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