Why Your Custom Van Needs a Custom Mattress

You’ve dedicated so much time creating your custom van; now it’s time to add a custom mattress as the final finishing touch. Van life is one of the most recent trends when it comes to traveling. 

No longer are people buying expensive RVs. Instead, they’re taking their adventure into their own hands and renovating vans themselves. 

So after watching hours of YouTube tutorials and building your van just right, it’s time to purchase a custom mattress to complete your new home away from home. 

You may be wondering what a custom mattress is and why you need it for your custom van. We’re going to answer both of those questions in this article. 

What is a Custom Mattress?

A custom mattress is a mattress with unique dimensions and shapes. You work with the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman, and order your mattress in the size and shape you need for your unique space. 

These are especially ideal for custom vans, RVs, and campers because a regular twin, queen, or king mattress won’t fit. Buying a custom mattress means getting a perfect fit almost every time. 

Why Buy Custom

You might be thinking, “Well, I can definitely fit a regular twin mattress in my custom van.” There are more reasons to buy a custom mattress for your custom van other than the special dimensions.  

With a custom mattress, you can choose which material is used to make the mattress. For example, a mattress that is going in a custom van or RV must be made with lighter, more durable material than a regular mattress. Lighter so it doesn’t weigh your vehicle down. More durable due to the extreme temperature changes it will experience. 

You can also choose which firmness level is best for you and your sleeping habits all while getting a perfect size and shape for your space. 

Make It Feel Like Home

A comfortable custom mattress means a comfortable custom van that you can call home. You don’t want to have consistent nights filled with terrible sleep while you’re on a week-long road trip. 

Custom Mattress Makers helps make it possible! 

With a variety of dimensions and excellent customer service, you can order your custom mattress and have it shipped for free. 

Contact us today and order your custom mattress for your custom van.

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