Love & Comfort - How Your VW Bus Can Benefit from a Custom Mattress

Start up your VW bus and embrace the hippie vibes that come from driving down the highway blasting music from the 60s and 70s. You’ve got a free and retro spirit within you that wants to take you on the great open roads of the United States of America and live a carefree van life. 

Whether you’ve personally customized your VW bus or already bought it converted into a camper van, you’re bound for adventure and unforgettable memories. However, you aren’t guaranteed to be completely comfortable during this trip. 

A VW bus is pretty compact, especially compared with other camper vans and buses people have been using lately. There is one way to get more comfort out of your VW bus, though. 

The answer - a high-quality custom mattress. 

If there is one thing you splurge on when it comes to your VW bus, it should be a new mattress. You don’t want to be stuck on an uncomfortable mattress while on your great journey, blasting the Grateful Dead with the windows down.  

How can your VW bus benefit from a custom mattress?

First, you’ll have a comfortable place to sleep and chill while on the road for days at a time. Some of these converted VW buses come with a pullout couch, but this is often very uncomfortable. A custom mattress gives you the opportunity to have a variety of comfort levels, from plush to firm. 

The second reason is that you’ll be sure your mattress will always fit perfectly in your VW bus. Fitting a regular mattress in your bus is nearly impossible and takes up way too much space. With a custom mattress, you’ll choose your perfect dimensions, so it fits just right.   

Lastly, buying a custom mattress made specifically for campers and RVs means you’re getting a durable, lightweight mattress made from high-quality materials. With thicker steel springs and latex material, you can rest assured your mattress will last for years in your VW bus.   

Does a custom mattress sound like something your VW bus would benefit from?


Custom Mattress Makers is your go-to place to purchase a custom mattress. Work directly with the manufacturer to build the perfect mattress for your VW bus. Plus, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee because we aren’t happy until you’re comfortable! 

Contact us to discuss which of our high-quality mattresses will make your VW bus more comfortable today! 

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