Best Camper Mattress

Best Camper Mattress

The biggest challenge when shopping for a new camper mattress is differentiating between your options. You need to make sure you get the right materials, the right fit, and a mattress maker that stands behind their work.

Right Materials

If a man’s home is his castle then his RV is his rolling palace. Custom Mattress Makers uses materials fit for a king or a queen. Our hybrid approach of foam and springs means that your mattress will last and so will your back.

The keys to our superior quality mattresses is a combination of high density foam, higher coil counts, and lower coil gauge. These items combine to create a mattress that provides unmatched comfort and support. Our blend of craftsmanship and technology deliver a great night’s rest in all 60 of the National Parks in the US.

Right Fit

Each RV has a story and personality all its own. Their uniqueness carries over to their mattresses. You need to make sure the mattress you get will work for the dimensions of your mobile sleeping quarters. Custom Mattress Makers can ensure that you get the measurements correct and a mattress that is comfortable from Yosemite to the Yucatan Peninsula.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The best camper mattress will likely have a satisfaction guarantee. Custom Mattress Makers is confident in the quality of our American-made product. However, we’re only happy if you’re happy. The great news is that you’ll have 100 nights to decide. To find out more about how we stand behind our mattresses read more HERE.

Want to find out why Custom Mattress Makers is the best choice for camper mattresses? Shop options for your RV here. Have a question? Contact Custom Mattress Makers to get all of your questions and concerns addressed.