3 Proven Reasons Why Your Camper Needs a Custom Mattress

As you settle down for the night and listen to the nocturnal bugs and critters chirp and hum from outside your camper, you try to get comfortable on that flimsy, unsupportive mattress you bought it with. You would give anything for a decent, comfortable night’s sleep while camping in the wilderness with your camper. 

There’s good news for you! You can get a custom mattress for your camper, guaranteed to fit perfectly and provide a restful night’s sleep. 

You may be thinking, why can’t I just buy a regular mattress? There are three proven reasons why your camper needs a custom mattress. By the end of this article, you’ll know each one of them and find out exactly where to buy a custom mattress for your camper. 

Comfort Over Everything

Sleeping on a bad mattress can cause more than just irritability and grogginess in the morning. It can cause pain in the back, hips, and neck. It can also affect your mood for the rest of the day if you consistently don’t get enough good sleep. 

You want nothing more than to be energized and alert while using your camper so you can enjoy the beauty and sounds nature has to offer. 

Custom Sizes Required

Not every camper is made the same. They definitely are not made to fit regular mattresses either. Living in such a small space requires you to be precise about the size of items that are inside. Your mattress isn’t excluded. 

Buying a custom mattress for your camper will help you optimize your space and find a mattress that fits perfectly. With custom dimensions, you know you’re getting the right fit without second-guessing. 

Made with the Right Material

Mattresses for campers and mattresses for the bedroom are not made the same. The difference is more than just size. 

A mattress for a camper must be made with lightweight and durable materials. You don’t want your mattress to weigh down your camper. Now, some people choose to go with an air mattress for their camper, but we highly advise against it. 

An air mattress doesn’t offer you the support and durable material a camper mattress must-have. Instead, consider a coil spring mattress. They are comfortable and hold up well through temperature changes and traveling on rocky roads. 

Choose Your Custom Mattress Today

Are you ready to purchase a custom mattress for your camper? Custom Mattress Makers makes it easy to choose the right mattress for you and your camper. 

By working directly with the manufacturer, you can choose your firmness level and the exact dimensions of your custom mattress. Plus, you’ll get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and free shipping. 

Contact one of our team members to discuss which custom mattress is ideal for your camper. 

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