The Best Custom Mattresses for Interior Design Firms

As an interior design firm owner, you want to offer the best possible options for your clients to make their homes stylish and comfortable. One of the most important rooms in the home to design, as you probably know, is the bedroom. 

This room is where your client wakes up each morning and ends their day. It should be comforting, welcoming, and a place to relax and unwind in a stylish way. And what makes a bedroom the most effective to recharge? An excellent mattress. 

As you know, though, there are some obstacles with mattresses and giving your clients exactly what they want. With traditional-sized mattresses, you’re limited in your design concepts, especially if your client has an antique bed frame they want to use. 

To combat these issues and avoid inhibiting your design inspiration, it’s time to introduce custom mattresses to your interior design firm. By the end of this article, you’ll know the best custom mattresses to offer your clients and how this addition can help you become a better interior designer. 

Why Offer Custom Mattresses?

You may be wondering why you should offer customer mattresses in your interior design firm. Think about a time when a client had a unique situation - maybe they wanted you to design a tiny house - and you ran into issues with space and measurements of a traditional mattress. You probably had an upset client and had to sacrifice some of your design ideas. 

With custom mattresses, the opportunities to decorate any type of space are endless. From tiny homes to motorhomes to grand mansions, your interior design firm isn’t limited in its decorating abilities. 

When you make the impossible happen, like fitting an angled corner mattress into a tight space, your client’s satisfaction will soar through the roof. So, not only do custom mattresses give you more creative authority, but you’ll have better results with your clients. 

Best Mattresses to Choose From

Where do you start when it comes to offering custom mattresses to your clients? Right here! 

These are the best custom mattresses to use in your interior design firm. They’re comfortable, durable, natural, and fully customizable. 

Cocoa Latex Custom Mattress

The Cocoa latex custom mattress is one of the most versatile and comfortable mattresses out there. Ranging from soft to firm and even a gel option, your clients will receive a great nights’ sleep with one of these. 

These mattresses are made from 100% natural latex, which is great for durability and comfort. With a steel spring coil system and a gel-infused top layer, this mattress can transform any bedroom into a comfortable one. 

Sanibel Latex Custom Mattress

A slightly thinner mattress than the Cocoa, the Sanibel latex custom mattress is a medium-firm option that pleases most customers. It includes a steel coil low-profile comfort care system, which offers premium support, especially for those side and back sleepers. 

Daytona Firm Custom Mattress

You can’t leave out options for the sleepers who prefer an ultra-firm mattress. The Daytona firm mattress is customizable in shape and size and offers firm yet supportive comfort for customers. As one of the firmest options in the custom mattress field, customers won’t be disappointed when they spend a night with it. 

Cape Custom Mattress

If your client needs a thin mattress option, the Cape custom mattress is what they’re looking for. Even though it’s a mere 6 inches thick, it still offers excellent support thanks to the interior steel coil system and firm quilted padding. Not to mention, it offers a medium level of firmness. 

Add Custom Mattress Makers to Your Inventory

As an interior design firm that wants to provide the best design and satisfaction to customers, it’s essential to include custom mattresses to your inventory and options. Custom Mattress Makers is excited to partner with you to provide the best custom mattresses to your interior design firm. 

Contact us to discuss how we can help you satisfy more customers today! 

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