Can Your Mattress Help Manage Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a serious sleep disorder that affects 200,000 Americans each year. People suffering from narcolepsy can fall asleep at almost anytime without warning during daily activities such as driving, playing a sports game, or sitting in class. 

This sleep disorder interferes with people’s lives and routines drastically, causing frustration, depression, and a feeling of helplessness. There are some effective ways to manage your narcolepsy including medication from your doctor, changing your sleeping habits, and replacing your mattress. 

What is Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that causes sleep attacks, which is when a person will fall asleep without warning during the middle of the day. This is due to a deficiency in hypocretin, a chemical in our brain releases to regulate our sleeping and awake states. 

People with narcolepsy must structure their days and activities so they do not put themselves in harm’s way. For example, most do not drive cars because they could fall asleep at the wheel. 

Narcolepsy Symptoms

While one main symptom of narcolepsy is sleep attacks, there are other telling signs that you may have this sleep disorder. 

Cataplexy - Cataplexy causes you to lose control of your muscles. It could be a majority of your muscles or just a couple. This often occurs when someone is overcome with intense emotion. 

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS) - We’ve all been tired during the day, but not like those with narcolepsy. EDS can cause intense brain fogginess and extreme exhaustion, which interferes with daily tasks. 

Hallucinations - Some people with narcolepsy experience hallucinations such as visual or auditory experiences as they fall asleep or when they begin waking up. 

How to Manage Narcolepsy

With almost every case of narcolepsy, one must go to a medical professional to find a way to manage the condition. Many people are put on medications to keep them awake during the day and help them fall asleep at night. 

There are also behavioral changes you should make to manage your narcolepsy. For starters, creating healthy sleeping habits and routines is essential to get a good night’s sleep and decrease the feeling of exhaustion during the day. 

One way to do this is to improve your sleep environment. Set the temperature to about 65 degrees Fahrenheit and block out any external light. It’s also important to sleep with the right mattress. Having a comfortable mattress that is fit for your sleeping position and comfort preference is extremely important to managing narcolepsy. 

Improve Your Narcolepsy with a Custom Mattress

While your mattress cannot completely cure your narcolepsy, it does play a major role in helping you manage the condition. Buying the right-sized mattress with the perfect comfort and firmness level is key to getting a good night’s rest and keeping you awake during the day. 

If you think switching out your mattress can help improve your sleep disorder, browse Custom Mattress Maker’s extensive catalog of high-quality, custom mattresses. With our 100-day satisfaction guarantee, there’s no harm in trying a new mattress to manage your narcolepsy!

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