Why Your Antique Bed Needs a Custom Mattress

You’ve just found the most perfect antique bed frame for your bedroom. You can’t wait to bring it home and decorate it with the bedding you found. 

There’s only one problem. You realized antique beds aren’t the same size as today’s bed frames. 

What does this mean? A mattress from a regular store won’t fit in your perfect antique bed! 

Some people, after they have this realization, decide to alter the antique bed to fit a regular sized mattress. However, this is a lot of work and risks damaging that beautiful bed frame you fell in love with. 

There’s another solution - purchase a custom mattress for your antique bed. 

The size of an antique bed is known as “three-quarters.” This is because it is about three-quarters of the size of today’s full mattress. The frames are typically narrower, only about 48’’, which can cause problems when purchasing a mattress.   

A custom mattress can be made to fit your antique bed perfectly. No altering of the bed frame is required! You can enjoy a great night’s sleep on your antique bed with a modern mattress that fits comfortably. 

The beauty of buying a custom mattress is that you know you’re getting modern comfort. You can choose the perfect firmness level that matches your sleeping style and preference without sacrificing it for the size. 

It is recommended to purchase a box spring or some type of foundation to place beneath the mattress. Most antique beds don’t have the slats or rails that most modern bed frames have today. 

Searching for a custom mattress for your antique bed doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Custom Mattress Makers makes it easy to find the perfect custom mattress for your situation. With a range of firmness levels and high-end materials, we guarantee you’ll find your new custom mattress comfortable. 

Contact us and speak to one of our experienced team members about which custom mattress is right for your antique bed today! 

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