Where to Find a New Comfortable Mattress for Your Winnebago Vehicle

There is nothing better than packing up your Winnebago RV or camper van and hitting the road to start a new road trip adventure. Well, actually, there is one thing that can make it even better - a new mattress. 

The Winnebago vehicles usually come with an air mattress that isn’t as comfortable as promised. It deflates during the night or is too firm and causes you to lose sleep while you’re enjoying your Winnebago trip. 

Getting a good night’s sleep while on the road is essential! You don’t want to find yourself behind the wheel of your Winnebago, tired and exhausted because you don’t have a comfortable mattress to sleep on. Not only is it dangerous, but it can ruin your trip experience. 

You may be considering going to your local mattress store and just buying a regular mattress to fit in your Winnebago. We’re going to stop you right here and tell you why that’s a terrible idea. 

A regular mattress is not made for RVs or camper vans. These mattresses are heavy and can weigh down your vehicle with unnecessary weight. They’re also made out of material that isn’t durable enough to withstand extreme temperature changes - especially memory foam. 

Another reason you can’t buy a regular mattress is the size difference. Mattresses for RVs and camper vans are smaller than traditional mattresses and sometimes unique shapes, not your standard rectangle. 

So, how do you get around these issues? 

You purchase a custom mattress for your Winnebago RV or camper van. 

Custom RV mattresses are the best option for a guaranteed good night’s sleep in your Winnebago. You will have the perfect shape and size to fit in your vehicle, plus it’s lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh it down. 

You can feel confident that the materials used to build your custom mattress are durable enough to withstand the movement, temperature, and duration of your Winnebago road trips. 

Where can you find a high-quality custom mattress for your Winnebago? 

Right here at Custom Mattress Makers, we specialize in manufacturing comfortable and durable custom mattresses for your Winnebago vehicle. You tell us your measurements and preferred comfort-level and material, and we will ship your custom mattress for free.  

With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we are confident that we can transform your already memorable trip into an even more relaxing and comfortable one. 

Contact us and speak to one of our representatives to find the perfect custom mattress for your Winnebago today! 

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