Read This Before Purchasing a Mattress for Your Thor Motorhome

Nick N |

You’ve made a great choice purchasing a Thor motorhome. It’s dependable, durable, and pretty comfortable while traveling on the road through the United States. 

There’s one more great choice you can make, though. You can decide to buy a custom mattress for your Thor motorhome to enhance its comfort and your memories on your road trips. 

While your Thor motorhome already came with a mattress, it probably isn’t as comfortable as you had expected. This can cause exhaustion, muscle aches and pains, and grogginess, which is dangerous while driving your Thor motorhome. 

To get a quality night’s sleep in your motorhome, a custom mattress is your answer. 

Custom mattresses are perfect for RVs, motorhomes, and campers because you can choose the right dimensions you need rather than having to find a way to make a regularly cut mattress fit into your space. As you probably know, mattresses for RVs and motorhomes are not the same size as your regular mattress at home. Sometimes they’re even a different shape with angled or cutout corners. 

When you purchase a custom mattress for your Thor motorhome, you’ll want to make sure it’s made from durable material. While you may prefer a memory foam mattress in your bedroom, there’s no place for it in your motorhome as it can freeze in cold temperatures. 

Instead, we recommend going with a latex or latex gel mattress. This material is extremely durable and keeps mildew and mold from growing when it sits in your vehicle parked outside for months at a time. 

You must also consider the weight of the mattress for your Thor vehicle. You don’t want to buy one that will weigh the motorhome down. Instead, a custom RV mattress is made with lightweight material that won’t add extra, unnecessary weight. 

So, are you ready to upgrade your Thor motorhome with another great decision? Purchase your custom mattress from Custom Mattress Makers today! 

Work directly with the manufacturer, so you know your mattress will come out exactly as you asked. Plus, you’ll get our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee - we’re that confident you’ll love your new custom mattress. 

Contact us and speak to one of our professional team members about your new custom mattress today! 

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