How to donate or properly dispose of your mattress

You’ve purchased a new mattress, now what to do with your old one? The first thing you need to determine is the condition of your mattress. Check your mattress for stains or tears; if you see any issues, it's better to dispose of it rather than donating it. If your mattress is still fit for use, there are several places you can donate your mattress. Many charities like The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for humanity will not accept mattresses, but a few local charities accept gently used donations. Check or to find a local charity. You may also want to check out the website, which allows users in a community to give away free items to someone who truly needs it.

If your mattress is not in usable condition, the materials that make up the mattress can still be valuable. Before throwing your mattress away, check to see if there is a recycling program nearby. If you live in Rhode Island, Connecticut, or California, can help you find a place to recycle or properly dispose of your mattress.

If you cannot find a place to recycle your mattress, contact your city services and find out if they offer bulk removal services. If not, contact a waste disposal company to arrange to have it properly hauled away. 

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