The Best Mattresses for Back Pain

If you’re someone who wakes up in the morning and instantly feels pain in your lower or upper back, then it might be time to find a new mattress. There are many reasons as to why you may be experiencing backpain; one of those reasons could be from sleeping on the wrong mattress. 

Not only could sleeping on the wrong mattress cause back pain, but it could make back pain from other reasons even worse. Not to mention, it can really mess with your quality of sleep and leave you groggy and irritable. 

If you have back pain and want to find some relief, then it’s time to consider switching out your mattress. But what mattress is best for back pain? We have the answer in this article. 

Consider Your Sleeping Position

Finding the right mattress for you is a bit like solving a mystery. We have to look at different clues and reason with them to come up with the answer. First, we must look at your preferred sleeping position as this will determine the comfort level you should have. 

Most adults sleep on their sides. Side sleepers should have a medium-plush to medium-firm comfort level mattress. If you’re sleeping on the wrong mattress, you may feel pain in your lower back and your neck. 

Another sleeping position that is likely to cause back problems is on your stomach. While this is the least popular sleeping position, it may cause pain the lumbar region of your back. Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress to keep their spines aligned and prevent them from sinking into a U-shape. 

Finding the Right Mattress Material

Now that you’ve determined the comfort level of your mattress, let’s dive into what kind of mattress material is best for back pain. 

Gel-Infused Foam

Many people are quick to choose Memory Foam for their mattress, but this could be too soft for those with back pain. Instead, choose a mattress with a gel-infused foam layer. It offers a hugging sensation and contours to your body while still offering support. 


A 100% natural latex mattress is durable and supportive for most all sleeping positions. It comes in different comfort levels and doesn’t sink too much, especially when you sleep on your stomach. 

Spring Coils

The most traditional material for mattresses are coiled springs. While they’re often assumed to be uncomfortable, this simply isn’t true when you find a mattress with individually wrapped coils and distribute your weight. It offers pushback and contouring so you get the support and comfort you need for a good night’s sleep. 

3 Best Mattresses for Back Pain

It’s time for the final reveal - the best mattresses for back pain. These mattresses from Custom Mattress Makers take the three materials we discussed above and combines them to make the perfect supportive mattress to relieve your back pain. 

Cocoa Gel Mattress

The Cocoa Gel mattress has coil springs, latex, and a 1.5-inch layer of gel-infused foam for added comfort. This mattress has a medium comfort level and is best for side sleepers as it contours to the body and supports the hips, shoulders, and neck. 

Sanibel Latex Mattress

The Sanibel Latex mattress has a medium-firm comfort level, which is suitable for both side and stomach sleepers. It has a gel-infused padding to offer some extra comfort while still being supportive of important pressure points. 

Daytona Firm Mattress

For the stomach sleepers that need that extra firmness, the Daytona Firm mattress is for you. With a gel-infused padded layer, you’ll still feel comfortable while sleeping on this mattress but receive the much-needed support to keep your spine aligned and take pressure off your lumbar region. 

Relieve Your Back Pain with Custom Mattress Makers

You don’t have to settle for your current mattress and live with debilitating back pain for the rest of your life. Let our excellent team at Custom Mattress Makers help find the right mattress for you. 

Plus, you can customize the size to fit wherever you’re sleeping! From RVs to campers to antique bed frames, we can do it all. 

Contact us to learn more about how a custom mattress can help relieve your back pain today! 

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