How to Find the Best Cooling Mattress

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There are some people that radiate so much heat when they sleep that they wake up in the middle of the night or don’t get the quality sleep they need. This could be due to a medical condition, menopause, or simply the natural chemistry of their bodies. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with this inconvenience forever when you get a cooling mattress. 

The mattress industry has come so far in the last couple of decades, especially when it comes to building efficient cooling mattresses. These mattresses will keep hot sleepers cool during the night so they get the rest they need. 

How Do Cooling Mattresses Work? 

You’re probably wondering how cooling mattresses work. No, they don’t have built-in fans to keep you cool at night. It’s actually the material it’s made from that draws in and absorbs the heat from your body. Pretty cool, right?

As your body starts to heat up, the material will take away that heat so you stay cool during the night. 

Materials to Look for in a Cooling Mattress

There are two types of material you should look for in a cooling mattress: gel-infused foam and wrapped wire coils. These two materials are extremely efficient in absorbing your body heat and keeping it stored away. 

Now, don’t mistake a gel-infused foam mattress for a memory foam mattress, though. Memory foam is actually a terrible material for hot sleepers as it can help you generate heat and keep you even warmer. 

Benefits of a Cooling Mattress

Of course, the number one benefit of a cooling mattress is the cooling feature. You’ll get so much better, high-quality sleep when you aren’t waking up in the middle of the night with night sweats. 

You’ll also feel healthier and more energized. When you don’t sweat during the night, you won’t wake up dehydrated. Plus, getting a good night’s sleep is essential for optimal health and can even help you lose weight if that’s something you’re working towards. 

Lastly, your cooling mattress can actually save you money on your electric and energy bills. Many people who get very hot during the night will keep their rooms extra chilly with either a fan or put the AC on low. With a cooling mattress, you don’t have to use this extra energy because your mattress will keep you from getting too hot. 

The Best Cooling Mattress

Now that you know how cooling mattresses work and why you should get one if you are a hot sleeper, let’s reveal the very best cooling mattress on the market. 

The Cocoa Gel Mattress

The best cooling mattress on the market is the Cocoa Gel mattress with a whopping two inches of gel-infused memory foam padding. This foam dissipates 33% more heat than regular memory foam and offers excellent comfort and support. With a medium comfort level, this mattress is perfect for side and back sleepers. 

Internally, the mattress also has individually wrapped tempered-steel coils for even more support of your spine, hips, shoulders, and neck. So, not only do you have the heat-absorbing gel-infused memory foam, but you also have wrapped coils, which also draw in heat. 

With this mattress, surely you won’t overheat while you sleep. 

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