Custom Mattress Sales: When, Where, and How

Buying a new mattress is truly an investment in your comfort and health. Many people put off buying a new mattress because they don’t want to spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on a new one. Luckily for you, custom mattress sales happen throughout the year helping you save hundreds on a new, high-quality mattress. 

Not only will your wallet thank you, but your body will too. After getting a great night’s sleep on a new custom mattress, you’re going to feel like a brand new person! 

So, where do you find these awesome custom mattress sales? We have your answer!

What is a Custom Mattress?

Before we dive into custom mattress sales, let’s first discuss what a custom mattress is. 

Most mattresses come in traditional sizes like twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. While these sizes work for most people, others need more custom measurements. With a custom mattress, customers can choose the dimensions of their new mattress to fit perfectly in their bedroom, RV, camper, antique bed frame, and other unique situations. 

When Do Custom Mattresses Go on Sale?

When you’re watching television, it may seem like every day you see a commercial for a new mattress sale. Well, you may not be wrong. 

Experts say that the best time to buy a custom mattress is during a 3-day holiday weekend such as President’s Day weekend, Memorial Day weekend, and Labor Day weekend. You can get the best prices during these weekends. 

However, if you can’t or don’t want to wait around for a holiday weekend to get a mattress on sale, the next best time to buy is towards the end of the winter and into the early spring. During this time, retailers have to get rid of their stock and older model mattresses so they can bring in the new ones. 

Where are the Custom Mattress Sales?

Usually, anywhere that sells mattresses will surely have mattress sales. Check your local mattress retailer who specializes in making custom mattresses during those holiday weekends to see if they’re having a sale. 

You can also take part in custom mattress sales online. Actually, it’s much easier to find a custom mattress retailer online rather than locally. Plus, you’ll have so many more options to choose from, including mattress type, material, and company. 

How to Buy a Custom Mattress on Sale

The easiest way to buy a custom mattress on sale is to purchase it from an online retailer during a holiday sale. Find some retailers you like and trust and sign up for their newsletters. They will notify you when they’re having big mattress sales. 

When the sale is going on, simply order your mattress choosing the type of material, comfort level, and dimensions. The company will then custom make your mattress and ship it to you within a couple of weeks. 

Make sure the company offers a satisfaction guarantee, though. You don’t want to be stuck with an uncomfortable mattress for the next ten years. 

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