How Much Does a Custom Mattress Cost? It’s Less Than You Think

You should view buying a new mattress as an investment. The higher the quality mattress you choose, the more you’re going to spend on it. However, even though the price tag might be more than you would like, it’s an investment in your sleep, your health, and your comfort. 

Now that we’ve covered how traditional mattresses can be pricey let’s talk about how much a custom mattress costs. We often associate the word “custom” or anything customizable as more expensive compared to a standard version of the product. So, when you hear custom mattress, we’re sure you’re seeing dollar signs floating around your head. 

Are Custom Mattresses More Expensive Than Traditional Mattresses?

The short answer here is no; custom mattresses are not more expensive than traditional mattresses. 

As with any mattress, the price point depends on the type of material used to build it and the size of it. Just as a twin-sized mattress is smaller and less expensive than a king-sized mattress, the same goes for custom mattresses. 

A higher-end material such as 100% natural latex is also on the more expensive side compared to other materials. However, it proves its worth through its durability and comfort. 

So, if you purchase a custom mattress on a larger size made from high-end material, you can expect your investment to be more; however, if you choose a smaller custom mattress with lower-grade material, the price decreases. 

Costs of a Custom Mattress

The cost of a custom mattress varies greatly depending on the retailer, material, and size you need. At Custom Mattress Makers, we work directly with the manufacturer, cutting out the middle man and keeping our custom mattress prices low and true to the item’s value. 

From our seven different types of mattresses, all available in your custom size, the price point ranges from $499 to $1,549. As we mentioned above, the price all depends on which material you choose and the size that you need. 

You can see that this price range is at the same point as traditional mattresses - they may be even lower than some! 

All in all, the size or shape of your mattress doesn’t necessarily make it more expensive than a traditionally sized mattress. The two most important factors are the materials used and the size. Of course, a larger-sized mattress will cost more than a smaller-sized mattress because it uses more material; it’s almost science. 

Order Your Custom Mattress Today

Now that we’ve busted the myth that custom mattresses aren’t more expensive than traditional ones, are you ready to start searching for the perfect one? 

Check out Custom Mattress Makers’ selection of comfortable and durable mattresses. With our 100 night guarantee and impeccable customer service, we promise you’ll find your custom mattress pleasant and that it fits perfectly in your unique space or bed frame. 

Begin the search for your custom mattress now. 

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