Can We Customize Mattress Size?

Rules are meant to be broken, right? When it comes to mattresses, you can’t let traditional sizes box you in from your design inspiration or unique projects. What do you do when you are faced with the problem where a traditional-sized mattress is too big, too small, too long, or too wide for what you need?

It’s a ton of work and nearly impossible to make your mattress the right size yourself. So, while you’re asking can we customize mattress size, we have the answer that will solve all of your mattress-sized problems. 

Yes, You Can Customize Mattress Size

When you’re in need of a mattress with unique dimensions, it’s time to order a custom mattress to fit your every need! Customization comes with the stigma that it is expensive and difficult to find. Fortunately for you, finding a custom mattress has never been easier. 

Simply determine the size of the mattress you need, find your desired retailer, choose the material and type of mattress, and enter your required dimensions. With just a click of a button, you’ll have a brand new custom mattress perfect for your project or room. 

Buying a custom mattress doesn’t only allow you to set unique dimensions, but you can also choose the shape of it too. Need angled corners? No problem! Need a round mattress? You got it! 

The options are truly endless. 

Reasons You May Need a Custom Mattress

There are so many reasons why you may need a custom mattress, and they’re more common than you may think. 

Uniquely sized bed frames, such as beds in dorms or antique bed frames, may require specific dimensions for the mattress to fit perfectly. 

Or maybe you’re an outdoors-lover and want to renovate a van into a camper or have just purchased an RV; then you’ll need special-sized mattresses to fit here too. Not to mention, these custom mattresses are made specifically for vehicles due to their weight and material. 

Lastly, you may need a custom mattress because you have a European-made bed frame. You may have been surprised to realize that European mattresses and bed frames are different sizes from traditional American mattresses. 

Is a Custom Mattress More Expensive?

Mattresses are surely an important investment to make as they are the key to a good night’s sleep. So, you already know you’ll spend a pretty penny on a quality mattress. But with the word “custom” in front of the mattress, you may assume the price skyrockets. 

This isn’t the case! 

A custom mattress usually is no more expensive than a traditional mattress. The factors of price stay the same; it depends on the size and material of which the mattress is made. 

Order Your First Custom Mattress Today

Now you know that you can customize a mattress, are you ready to browse some of the most comfortable and durable mattresses on the market?

Custom Mattress Makers is the place to order your first custom mattress. We work directly with the manufacturer, keeping costs low, and offer a 100-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Browse our quality mattress selection now or give us a call and speak to one of our team members to discuss which mattress is best for your needs. 

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