4 Reasons Why Interior Designers Love Our Mattresses

It’s no secret that interior designers love our custom mattresses! 

There are many custom mattress retailers out there, but Custom Mattress Makers is beloved by both our personal customers and interior designers. Our comfortable mattresses provide a fantastic night’s sleep to our customers and a great opportunity for creativity for interior designers. 

So, why are interior designers scrambling to get our custom mattresses into their designs? There are four main reasons. 

  1. Design Without Limits

A custom mattress allows interior designers to use their creativity with fewer limitations. No longer will you run into an issue with a space or design due to the size of the mattress. Don’t let the fact that a traditional twin, queen, or king may not fit in your space ruin your entire vision. Instead, custom order a mattress with your exact measurements. 

It isn’t only the size of the mattress that can be an issue; it could also be the shape. At Custom Mattress Makers, we offer uniquely shaped mattresses to fit any space. 

What does this mean for interior designers? You can design virtually any space you want for your clients! From motorhomes to converted vans to tiny homes, you have the tools and resources you need to create a stunning interior. 

  1. Satisfy More Clients

When interior designers use our custom mattresses, they won’t only leave their clients satisfied with the design, but they’ll also leave them satisfied with a great night’s sleep. 

Since our mattresses come in a variety of comfort levels, your client can find the perfect one for their sleeping preferences. You’ll be leaving your mark with more than just the color of the walls, but you’ll also help your clients sleep better on a custom made mattress. 

  1. Mattresses are High Quality and Durable

New mattresses are an investment for anyone, so they should be durable and made with the highest quality materials. When you work with Custom Mattress Makers, you can confidently provide your clients with mattresses that meet these standards. 

All of our mattresses come with a ten-year warranty and are made with natural latex material for a comfortable night’s rest for years to come. 

  1. We’re Easy to Work With

When interior designers work with us, they can count on having an extremely easy and friendly experience. Our professional team is always prepared to answer questions and help our customers and partners. 

Plus, we work directly with the manufacturer to keep costs down and ensure the mattresses are made with precision every single time. With excellent and open communication, we promise to work with you to get your clients the mattress of their dreams.

Interior Designers Love Custom Mattress Makers

Don’t take our word for it, though! Give us a call to see how we can help enhance your interior design business with our comfortable and high-quality custom mattresses today! 

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