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Custom Platform Bed Mattress

Platform beds have increased in popularity over the last five years. The design aesthetic is a pleasing one and the storage options they sometimes include are attractive to many people. Finding the appropriate sized platform bed mattress can be challenging. What are you options if you need something other than your typical double, queen, or king mattress?

Custom Mattress Makers provides a variety of comfort options for suit most sleeping preferences. Do you prefer Firm, Medium or Plush? Explore more about the following products we offer:

One question Custom Mattress Makers gets asked frequently is how to determine a high quality custom mattress from a low quality custom mattress. Here are the factors you want to consider:

  1. High density foam (leveraging superior foam increases the life of your mattress)
  2. Coil count (more coils mean a more comfortable mattress)
  3. Coil thickness (the gauge of the steel impacts the longevity of the mattress - lower is better).
  4. Satisfaction guarantee and factory warranty (if the manufacturer doesn’t stand behind their product that raises a flag)

Whether your platform bed has upholstery, drawers, is mid-century modern, or is a minimalist design Custom Mattress Makers can help. Questions? Custom Mattress Makers is pleased to offer our extensive experience to you if you’re searching for answers. Contact us HERE.