• Low-Profile

    With thicknesses at 7" or less, these low-profile mattresses fit where others cannot. Your choice of three hybrid designs, or two foam models for a simpler feel and price.
    Prices start at $369.

  • Balanced

    Increased comfort & support without a luxury price tag. Plush, Medium and Firm comfort levels are available with depth profiles ranging from 8.5" to 10".
    Prices start at $639.

  • Premium

    Luxury comfort and support. Each are hand-crafted with the finest upholstery and strongest support systems. Your choice of Plush, Medium and Firm, with depth profiles ranging from 9” to 12”.
    Prices start at $799.

  • Ultimate

    Our Premium mattresses with even greater support and comfort. Over 2,400 coils provide unmatched quality that cannot be found anywhere else in the custom market. Available in 11" or 13" depth.
    Prices start at $1299.


Our Custom Mattress Collections

Our in-house designed and patented mattress is the perfect solution for your bed. Sleep like a baby in your custom made mattress. Choose from any size and style you want. Give your home a sophisticated look with a custom mattress. Choose from angled, notched or rounded corner to fit the size of your bed room as desired and customize the material and firmness level.

In today's busy world, you don't have time to waste on a mattress that doesn't work for you. Now you can customize your own bed in minutes! Create the perfect bedding experience with a custom mattress. Crafted to fit your comfort and sleep style, it’s the perfect addition to any bedroom. Customize the mattress you like and we will deliver right to your home!

Custom Mattresses are available in all of the following common sizes: Twin (38 x 75), Twin XL (38 x 80), 3/4 three quarter (48 x 75), Full double (53 x 75), Full XL (53 x 80), Queen (60 x 80), King (76 x 80) and California King (72 x 84).

Less common mattress sizes are also: RV Short Queen (60 x 75), RV Double / Full (53 x 75), Split Queen (30 x 80), Split King (38 x 80), Split California King (36 x 84), Olympic Queen (66 x 80), Super Single waterbed (46 x 82), Queen waterbed (58 x 82), King waterbed (70 x 82) and many more. Find all the different mattress size options on our Size Chart page.

Custom Mattress Makers also can make special cuts to the mattresses. Do you have an angled corner or one side longer than the other? Do you need corners cut out to fit around best posts? Perhaps one end of the mattress needs a rounded radius corner?  Visit our SPECIAL CUTS page to send us an email.