Looking for a custom mattress for your child’s bed?

Are you having a hard time finding a mattress for your heirloom kids-size or custom bunk bed?

As your child graduates from a crib to a toddler to a kid-size bed, finding a mattress to fit an irregular size can be a challenge. Custom Mattress Makers specializes in custom size mattresses that can fit almost any bed frame, including kids-sizes.  

The type of mattress you select for your child is important. Memory foam is popular, but it’s not recommended for very young children. Foam mattresses are also known for off-gassing, which can cause a strong smell for the first weeks of use and disrupt your child’s sleep. Foam mattresses are also less durable than spring or hybrid models which can withstand jumping and roughhousing better.

You can trust the quality of the construction of our individually-pocketed coil spring mattresses, even at smaller sizes. We start with the best raw materials. Our upholstery foams have been approved by CertiPUR-US as low emission, and our glue is a water-based adhesive that has received a GREENGUARD certificate of compliance by Underwriters Laboratory (UL).  

To order a custom mattress for a kid-size bed, please use the custom mattress request form. https://custommattressmakers.com/pages/custom-mattress-request

Why should you choose Custom Mattress Makers for your custom mattress for your child? We offer a combination of durability and comfort that is hard to beat. A keen focus on materials helped us to concentrate our efforts on thicker coils for our mattresses. This improves the longevity of our products. We also use high-density foam for the same reason. The final key to our success is creating just the right arrangement of coils within the mattresses. Custom Mattress Makers believes that a higher concentration of coils makes for the most comfortable sleeping experience.

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Our team is always happy to answer your questions about sizing, materials, or our satisfaction guarantee. Need some extra help? Just start HERE and Custom Mattress Makers will take care of you.

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