How do you clean your mattress if you or someone in your family comes down with COVID-19?

Nick N |

The effects of COVID-19 can vary greatly from person to person. Some people experience little to no symptoms, while fatigue, fever, respiration issues can cause others infected with the disease to spend a lengthy period in bed. After you or the person in your household recovers, it is important to go beyond just washing and changing your sheets to make sure your mattress is properly sanitized.

First, it is important to increase air ventilation to decrease the spread of the disease. An easy and effective way to do this is to open the windows in the room. This is most effective when there are multiple doors or windows open to allow air to flow in from opening and out the other. You can also increase ventilation by placing a box fan in the window or using a portable air purifier with a HEPA filter. If you are using an air purifier, make sure it is an appropriate size to properly clean the space.

Next, it is important to take the sheets and other bed covers off the mattress and thoroughly wash them in the highest water temperature possible to kill any lingering germs from spreading. Click here (link to How to clean bedding to help stop the spread of COVID-19) to learn more about how to clean bedding to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

After stripping the bed, vacuum the mattress to pick up any dust and debris that could be lingering on the surface. To further sanitize the surface, if possible, take the mattress outside to receive fresh air and UV sunlight, a natural way to eliminate bacteria. If this is not possible, a hand-held garment steamer can be used on the sides and the surface to get rid of germs and dust mites. 

This is also a great time to spot treat any surface stains. For blood, sweat, vomit, or other bodily fluids, blotting the stain with an enzyme cleaner works best. You can also make your own cleaner by mixing hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish cleaner. If your mattress needs further deodorizing, cover the surface with a light layer of baking soda and let it sit for a few hours before vacuuming it off. 

Now that the mattress is clean, make sure that the mattress is fully dry before making the bed. Make sure to protect it with a mattress cover before putting the sheets and other bedding back on the mattress. 

While you are cleaning, protect yourself by always practicing proper hand hygiene. Wear reusable or disposable gloves while touching the mattress and handling bedding, and wash your hands often to keep you and your family safe.


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