Odd-Size Beds

Although there are four standard size beds found in most homes today, there are still many individuals that use a bed frame which requires an “odd” size mattress. Here are some examples of bed sizes that require an odd-size mattress:

  • Three-quarter (48” x 75”)
  • Antique bed
  • European size
  • Murphy bed
  • Bunk
  • Cot
  • Hospital bed
  • Rollaway bed
  • RV/Camper
  • Semi-truck sleeper cab
  • Horse trailer bed
  • Boat


Most, if not all, of these beds will require an odd-size mattress to fit correctly. Seeing as none of these are the typical “standard” sizes, only a company like Custom Mattress Makers that has experience with odd-size mattresses can correctly build them to fit.

What’s the best way to find the dimensions of an odd-size bed?

The most effective way to obtain dimensions of an odd-size bed is to measure the area the mattress sits on. Take a tape and find the width and length of the foundation the mattress will rest on. This measurement allowing the mattress to sit comfortably without any obstructions. This means, if there is a bed post in both corners, the measurement can only go up to that bed post. Creating a template of your mattress is also an effective way to ensure the new mattress is made correctly. Laying down a thick piece of construction paper or cardboard and tracing the measurements can assist the mattress craftsmen in building a mattress to your size.

With five mattresses to choose from, finding a new mattress for your odd-size bed has never been easier. Let Custom Mattress Makers fill your odd-size bed with the highest level of quality in mattresses today!