Custom Bed Mattress


You’ve discovered that standard mattress sizes such as King, Queen, Full and Twin aren’t going to meet your mattress needs. Now what? Your next step is finding a custom bed mattress. Custom Mattress Makers specializes in unique sizes that you can order online and have shipped anywhere in the United States.

What are some common types of custom bed mattresses?

The most common request Custom Mattress Makers receives are for mattresses to fit RVs. Recreational vehicles often require a uniquely sized mattress to fit the confines of life on the road. If you’re an adventurer looking for a perfect night’s rest and a mattress made to order we can help.

However, there are many other applications where custom sized bed mattresses are needed:

  • Antique beds and three quarter mattress (48 x 75)
  • Boat and yacht mattresses (non-compound angles)
  • Semi-truck mattresses (sleeper cabs)
  • European size mattresses
  • Hospital mattresses
  • Murphy beds
  • Sofa beds
  • Extra long beds

What type of custom bed mattress should I get?

The key is to find the most comfortable option based on your needs. The best first step in finding the perfect custom bed mattress is to take our Custom Mattress Quiz. By answering just a few simple questions, we can make recommendCustom Mattress Makers products are crafted in Florida, using only the finest Made in the USA materials. Most mattresses feature individually-pocketed coil springs, high-quality upholstery like latex and memory foam, and beautiful fabrics. You can order online and have it shipped to you in 2-3 weeks. There is also a 100-Night Satisfaction Guarantee program, which is available on all rectangular shaped mattresses.

Custom Mattress Makers is family owned and operated, with over 30 years experience in the custom mattress market. They're available by email or phone and are ready to assist you.