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California AB 187 Mattress Removal

Thank you for your recent mattress order. Custom Mattress Makers complies with the state of California's AB 187, which aims to improve the recycling process of used mattresses. 

In accordance with this legislation, Custom Mattress Makers will, at their cost, provide removal of an old mattress for each new mattress that is purchased and shipped to a customer's home in the state of California. This service is available up to 30 days after the new mattress has been delivered. 

To assist with this service, Custom Mattress Makers has partnered with LoadUp, a reputable name in the hauling and removal industry. LoadUp will facilitate the scheduling, pick-up and disposal of the old mattress(es). For more information about this company and their services, please visit their website HERE.

*Prior to filling out the form below, please read the following important details regarding the mattress removal service:

  1. This service only applies to individuals that have purchased a mattress from Custom Mattress Makers and are having that mattress shipped to a California address.
  2. The number of mattresses ordered equals the number of old mattresses eligible for removal. For example, if one new mattress is ordered and shipped, one old mattress can be removed.
  3. LoadUp reserves the right to refuse to pick-up a used mattress from a consumer if they determine the used mattress is contaminated and poses a risk to personnel, new products, or equipment.

*This service is completely free and we would like to keep it as such. However, additional charges may be passed along to the customer if a scheduled pick-up is cancelled without at least two (2) days notice. Please read the following important details regarding the cancellation of a scheduled pick-up:

  1. If a pick-up has been scheduled with LoadUp and the customer cancels the day prior to the pick-up date, a $15.00 fee will be charged to the customer.
  2. If a pick-up has been scheduled with LoadUp and the customer cancels the day of the pick-up date, a $50.00 fee will be charged to the customer.
  3. All fees listed above must be paid in full by the customer before a pick-up can be rescheduled. Custom Mattress Makers reserves the right to cancel this service if any balances remain unpaid. 

After reading the above information, you will find a form below to fill out and submit. Once we've received a completed form, a member of our staff will respond via email within 1-2 business days. The customer's information will then be forwarded to LoadUp and they will reach out to schedule a pick-up. 


Commonly Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my order?
Mattress:  Approx. 2-3 weeks
Foundation:  Approx. 4-5 weeks
Sheets/Protectors:  Approx. 2 weeks

Where can I find prices for my size?
Right on the product page. Visit our Mattresses or Foundation pages and you will see two toolbars where you can select the width and length. After your size is entered, the price for that product will show in green.  *If you don't see your size as an option, please contact us and we can discuss further.

I'm on a time crunch. Do you offer an expedited option for the mattress?
If materials are available, yes we do.  Please contact us for more information.

What do I do if my mattress needs a special cut?
Please visit our Special Cuts page. We can build angled, notched and radius/rounded corners.
Unfortunately, we are unable to build hinged mattresses at this time.

How much is shipping?
This price you see listed for any of our products includes UPS shipping.  That is provided at no additional charge.  Taxes are only collected if the mattress is shipping to Florida.