Which mattress do chiropractors recommend?

Have you ever woken up sore and tight after sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress? Your first thought is how much your back and neck are going to bother you throughout the day. It isn’t until you experience a sleepless night like this that you truly understand the importance of a comfortable, high-quality mattress. 

Sixty-five million Americans suffer from back pain. Thankfully, one way to ease and combat this pain is through chiropractors’ recommendation about what type of mattress to sleep on. While everyone has different ailments and issues, there is no “perfect one-size-fits-all” mattress. So, hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have an idea of what type of mattress you should have based on chiropractor recommendations. 

First, you have to consider the type of mattress you’re sleeping on. The top three mattresses recommended by chiropractors are memory foam, latex foam, and hybrid. These are great for sleepers who struggle with back, neck, and shoulder pain because they conform and mold to your body and offer support where you need it most. 

When looking to buy a hybrid mattress, pay attention to the number of pocket springs included. The more springs in the mattress, the better it will be. These will make the mattress more supportive and comfortable as they conform to your body and isolate movement. 

The level of firmness your mattress should be depends on your specific sleeping position. Different positions need different support and firmness in their mattress to provide a quality night’s sleep. 

For those who are most comfortable sleeping on their sides, chiropractors recommend a soft to medium-firm mattress. The mattress must conform to the hips and shoulders while supporting the neck. 

For the stomach sleeper, a medium to medium-firm mattress is recommended. However, this may be the most dangerous sleeping position, especially for those with lower back pain. To help alleviate this pain, try sleeping without a pillow to put less strain on the back and neck. 

And for those who sleep on their backs, a firmer mattress is best. While sleeping on your back is the best spinal alignment position, you will still need some lumbar curve support. 

You will also want to make sure your mattress is durable, especially when purchasing a new one. Look for a mattress made with high-quality materials and offer a warranty of at least ten years. 

Every body is different and requires a different mattress based on its ailments and struggles. While chiropractors cannot recommend a one-size-fits-all mattress, they can recommend the things to look for when purchasing a new mattress to help you get a better night’s sleep. 

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