Where to Buy the Perfect Truck Sheets

Where to Buy the Perfect Truck Sheets

You’ve just purchased a mattress for your truck, now it’s time to get some truck sheets to make that mattress comfortable to sleep on. Finding the right truck sheets is more difficult than you may think, especially if you bought a custom truck mattress that perfectly fits in your vehicle. 

Fortunately, you found this article to help you find the best truck sheets on the market and where to purchase them to make your truck mattress feel like home. 

You Won’t Find Them in Stores

Your first thought when needing truck sheets is to go to the nearest department store and pick up a package from the home section, right? Unfortunately, you won’t find what you’re looking for in any stores. 

Since your truck mattress is custom made or not a standard mattress size, the sheets in the stores won’t fit correctly. Instead, they are made for mattress sizes twin, twin XL, queen, and king, which are not the same size as your truck mattress. 

So, where do you find truck sheets for your mattress? We’ll get to that soon! 

Order Custom Sheets Online

Problems with Standard Sheets

Before we tell you where you can purchase the best truck sheets, we want to make sure you fully understand the problem with putting standard sheets on your custom-sized mattress for your truck. 

First of all, they won’t fit. They will either be too big or too small. Sheets that are too big can wrinkle and come off of the corners while you sleep, causing discomfort and a restless night. If the sheets are too small, they could pull on the mattress, causing damage from the tension. They can also slip off the corners and become uncomfortable during the night. 

Standard sheets also aren’t made to be used in a truck or outdoor setting. Sure, sheets may all look the same, but they aren’t all made the same. Sheets for outdoor settings like camping, RVs, or trucks are more durable and can withstand the different temperatures. 

Where to Buy Truck Sheets

The best place to buy truck sheets is online through Custom Mattress Makers. You can get custom-made sheets that fit your truck mattress perfectly. You’ll get to choose your length, width, and depth of the sheet to ensure it’s the perfect fit. You can also choose from six colors! 

A set of truck sheets include a fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillowcase so you have everything you need to make your mattress comfortable. Let’s also not forget to mention that they are 300-thread count, super comfortable, and made right here in the USA. 

Order Your Perfect Truck Sheets Today

Are you ready to order custom-sized sheets for your truck mattress? Browse our selections and input your measurements to get started. 

Have questions about ordering your truck sheets? Reach out to our professional customer service team for assistance and answers to all of your questions. 

Contact us to get your order started today! 

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