What mattress size can fit in an RV?

What mattress size can fit in an RV?

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Are you looking to purchase a mattress for an RV? With the range of sizes available, it is essential to understand which size will fit your specific RV. Whether you have a camper trailer or motorhome, finding the right size mattress can make all the difference in being comfortable while camping and ensuring that family members can get a good night's sleep.

In this blog post, we'll explore the best mattress sizes for RVs to find the perfect fit!


RV Mattress Size Chart

Knowing the correct mattress size for your RV is essential for comfortable, restful sleep. A reliable mattress size chart helps you find the right size mattress for your RV but can also help guide you if you are considering ordering a custom RV mattress. Custom mattresses allow you to choose the exact dimensions and firmness needed to meet your needs as a single sleeper or a couple. It is essential to know your options when it comes time to pick out a mattress suitable for an RV since there is no one-size-fits-all option. Access to a trustworthy mattress size chart is vital in finding the perfect fit for your travel home.

RV Mattress Size Potential Dimensions (Inches) Potential Dimensions (CM)
RV Twin 28 by 75-80 inches 71.12 by 190.5-203.2 cm
Truck 35-42 by 79-80 inches 88.9-106.88 by 200.66-203.2 cm
RV Bunk 28-35 by 75-80 inches 71.12-88.9 by 190.5-203.2 cm
RV Three-Quarter 48 by 75 inches 121.92 by 190.5 cm
RV Full/Double 53 by 75 inches 137.16 by 190.5 cm
RV Short Queen 60 by 75 inches 152.4 by 190.5 cm
RV Queen 60 by 80 inches 152.4 by 203.2 cm
RV Short King 72 by 75 inches 182.88 by 190.5 cm
RV King 72 by 80 inches 182.22 by 203.2 cm



RV Twin Size Mattress

An RV twin size mattress is the perfect choice for comfort and convenience. Designed to fit the specific curvature of an RV wall, this mattress provides restful sleep in any situation. Additionally, its space-saving construction allows you to tailor it to your sleeping needs without taking up too much room. With excellent durability, long-lasting comfort and flexibility, an RV twin size mattress is an ideal bedding choice for travelers who want to maintain comfort during their trips.

Truck Size Mattress

A truck size mattress is a perfect solution for those on the go who need to sleep soundly and comfortably in their vehicle. It typically refers to a mattress designed to fit inside the sleeping area of a truck, such as a semi-truck or a pickup truck with a camper shell. These mattresses are typically smaller than standard mattresses, with dimensions that vary depending on the size of the truck's sleeping area.

RV Bunk Mattress

When you purchase an RV, you want to ensure the beds are comfortable. The bunk mattress is no exception. Though many bunks come with a thin foam or air cushion, investing in a high-quality bunk mattress will make all the difference in quality sleep and rest. A good RV bunk mattress should have plenty of padding for comfort, be durable enough to last over time, and have excellent breathability to keep the sleeping surface from becoming too hot during those summer months. Investing in quality materials for your bunk mattresses will ensure your family has great nights of sleep on your next camping adventure.

Three-quarter RV Mattress Sizes

Three-quarter sizes are a great option if you're looking for a custom RV mattress that fits your sleeping needs. These mattresses feature extra width for couples and individuals who need extra space to spread out and get comfortable. This size is also perfect for campers with limited space, as these mattresses don't require an extended headboard or footboard. Three-quarter RV mattresses come in various hardness levels to ensure everyone finds the perfect support and comfort.

Full Size RV Mattress Size

A full size RV mattress is a great choice for anyone looking to get a comfortable, spacious night's sleep on the road. These mattresses range in dimensions and thickness, giving campers and RV owners plenty of options when it comes to finding the right mattress size for their needs. Ranging anywhere from 54 x 75 inches and up, a full size RV mattress provides more floor space than a twin or full size traditional mattress. It can usually be found in 4 to 8-inch thicknesses depending on comfort preference.

Short Queen RV Mattress Size

For those in the market for a new mattress for an RV, the short queen size is likely the best option. This mattress is 6 inches longer than the traditional full and offers an easier fit in confining RV bedrooms. An advantage of choosing this size is that it fits standard sheets and comforters, thus making it easier to find bedding for your RV. Just by adding these few extra inches, you'll gain more room to stretch out. With such a range of designs explicitly tailored towards RVs, investing in a short queen mattress can breathe new life into your living experience while on the road.

RV Queen Mattress Size

When upgrading the mattress in your RV, you'll want to ensure it fits perfectly. RV queen mattresses are cut precisely to accommodate these vehicles. You can consider a custom RV mattress if you're looking for an even more precise and comfortable fit. Generally sized between 48" x 74", these boutique-quality mattresses are designed to contour your body and provide a great night's sleep – no matter where your journey takes you.

Short King RV Mattress Size

A Short King size mattress is the perfect choice if you are looking for a comfortable sleeping solution while camping in an RV. Measuring just 74 inches long and 52 inches wide, it provides plenty of space without taking up any extra room. Due to its shorter length, this mattress offered a softer sleep surface and added support for those faster than average. Not to mention, it's incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for smaller RVs with limited storage capacity. With all these great qualities combined, there's no doubt this mattress would be an exceptional fit for your recreational vehicle.

RV King Mattress Size 

If you want a good night's sleep in your RV, a custom RV mattress is a way to go. It will provide superior comfort for you and your family and can also help solve any size problems. The King-size Mattress is 15 inches long, which makes it an ideal choice for those who require extra space to stretch out and relax.

Types of RV Mattresses

RV mattresses come in various styles and sizes to fit your recreational vehicle. Whatever type you choose, make sure it matches the measurements of your RV bed so you can get the best night's sleep on your upcoming trip.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses combine modern comfort and luxury with innovative technology. This proprietary material has been engineered to provide a conforming and supportive layer that molds around your body as you sleep to reduce pressure points and distribute your weight evenly. The dense foam design also helps to absorb motion, making it great for couples sharing a bed. The unique construction also helps limit sound transfer for those who are light sleepers or co-sleep with children. All in all, memory foam mattresses bring all the benefits of modern innovation without sacrificing comfort.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are an excellent choice for those searching for a high-quality, comfortable sleeping experience. They feature natural latex rubber plant fibers that contour to your body shape, providing support and reducing pressure points. Latex mattresses also do not retain body heat, so the mattress remains cool throughout the night. In addition, these mattresses come in a range of firmness levels depending on individual preferences and needs so that you can find the perfect option. With a long lifespan and no need to flip or rotate them every few months like other mattresses, latex beds offer excellent value for money.

Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress is a time-tested and trusted option for a comfortable night's sleep. It combines an interior support system of coils with layers of cushioning material, including foam, to provide comfort and pressure point relief. This type of mattress is known for its gentle support and extraordinary durability, making it an excellent choice for any sleeping arrangement. Offering breathability, increased airflow, and flexibility of firmness levels, an innerspring mattress can be customized to suit each sleeper's individual needs and preferences. For many people, an innerspring mattress proves to be the perfect fusion of comfort and longevity.

Air Mattress

Air mattresses are a versatile and affordable sleep solution for any room. They come in multiple sizes, easily fit into any space, and can be stowed away or set up in minutes. Plus, they provide excellent comfort due to their customizable firmness so you can get your best rest. Whether looking for a bed while you're on the go or just a great addition to your home, an air mattress can give you hours of restful sleep - at any cost.


In conclusion, the mattress size that can fit in an RV will depend on the specific size and configuration of your RV's sleeping area. However, by understanding the standard RV mattress sizes and considering factors such as comfort and durability, you can choose a mattress that will provide a comfortable and restful night's sleep while on the road. To source the best quality RV mattress for your needs and budget, look no further than online retailers or local stores specializing in mattresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do RV mattresses have a specific thickness? 

RV mattresses come in various sizes and thicknesses, but they are generally thinner than traditional mattresses to accommodate the limited space in an RV.

Do you need a unique mattress for an RV? 

While you don't necessarily need an exceptional mattress for an RV, choosing a mattress specifically designed for an RV to ensure it fits properly and is made with materials that can withstand the unique conditions of RV travel is recommended.

What's the difference between an RV mattress and a regular mattress? 

The main difference is size and thickness, as RV mattresses need to be smaller and thinner to fit in the limited space of an RV. RV mattresses may also be made with materials that can withstand the movement and vibrations of travel.

Can you put a regular mattress in an RV? 

Yes, you can put a regular mattress in an RV, but it may be too thick or too large to fit properly. It's recommended to choose a mattress that is specifically designed for an RV.

Can you use regular blankets and sheets on RV mattresses? 

You can use regular blankets and sheets on RV mattresses if they fit correctly. You may need to purchase sheets specifically designed for RV mattresses, as they are typically thinner and more fitted than traditional sheets.