What Is the Shortest Mattress You Can Buy?

Mattresses can come in all different shapes and sizes, especially when you order a custom-made mattress. However, you may be wondering what the shortest mattress you can buy is? 

The shortest mattress you can buy is 50 inches. 

Now, why would you want to buy a shorter mattress? Don’t people like to spread out when they sleep? There are actually a couple of reasons why you would want a shorter mattress. 

Short Mattresses for Children

One reason you may want to buy a short mattress is for your child when they transfer from their crib to an actual bed. Why not just put them straight to a standard-sized mattress, though? 

Sometimes children don’t sleep as well when they are put on a mattress that is too large for them. It could cause anxiety and affect their sleeping patterns, causing them to be cranky and throw temper tantrums throughout the day. As a parent, you know this is something you want to avoid. 

A short mattress may also fit better in your child’s room. As a small person, they may not have a large room. So, putting a short mattress in the bedroom can help free up some space for their toys and stuffed animals. 

When Adults Need a Short Mattress

Now that we’ve covered when a child may need a short mattress let’s discuss when an adult might want one. 

For starters, if you have an RV or camper, you’re probably aware that the mattress sizes are different than standard ones. In fact, the most commonly used mattress size in RVs is a short queen.

If you have a European-sized and antique bed frame, then you may need a shorter mattress too. Or maybe you just don’t have the space for a full-sized mattress because you live in a tiny house or for another reason. 

Regardless, no matter what your situation is, it’s possible to buy a short mattress, with the shortest size being 50 inches long. 

How to Buy a Short Mattress

The best place to buy a custom-made short mattress is from Custom Mattress Makers.

First, you’ll choose which type of material you would like your mattress to be made from. We offer high-quality, durable mattresses ranging from soft to firm levels of comfort. You can choose from one of our seven mattress options! 

Next, you’ll tell us the exact dimensions you would like your mattress. As we stated, the shortest mattress we can manufacture is 50 inches long. You can even choose a special shape mattress with angled corners and more if needed. 

Lastly, you’ll order your mattress and wait for it to arrive at your home. We also offer a 100-day satisfaction guarantee, but we’re sure you’ll love your new custom mattress so much that you’ll keep it for years to come.

Contact us to start ordering your short custom mattress today! 

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