Read This Before Buying a Mattress for Your Tiffin Motorhome

You’re a proud owner of a Tiffin motorhome, one of the most luxurious and comfortable RV’s on the market today. You dream of driving along the highway in your hotel on wheels off on your next adventure. 

While your Tiffin motorhome is already incredibly comfortable with state of the art finishes and ultra plush seats and couches, you may find that the mattress it came with isn’t up to par. You’ll be spending a lot of time in this fine vehicle; you might as well be as comfortable as you can be! 

Whether it’s an older mattress that has worn out or could be a little more comfortable, you’ll want to read until the end of this article before you purchase a new mattress for your Tiffin motorhome. 

A Custom Motorhome Deserves a Custom Mattress

If you bought your Tiffin motorhome new, you’ve probably added some special customizations to it. Whether it’s rearranging something or upgrading the kitchen appliances, your custom vehicle deserves to have a custom mattress. 

Why purchase a custom mattress for your Tiffin and not a regular mattress?

The secret is that RV mattresses are not made the same as a regular mattress. They have special dimensions and features in order for them to be just right. 

So, buying a custom mattress allows you to choose the dimensions so it fits in your Tiffin motorhome perfectly. 

Made with High-Quality Material

A custom mattress for your Tiffin motorhome is made with only the highest quality material. It’s essential for RV mattresses to be durable yet comfortable. 

You may be considering a memory foam RV mattress, but we advise against this. Latex mattresses are a better choice as they offer the same level of comfort but are more durable, especially with the drastic temperature and climate changes your mattress will experience as you travel. 

Plus, at Custom Mattress Makers, we use thicker steel springs to offer even more durability and support in all of our RV mattresses. 

The Perfect Fit Every Time

When you purchase a custom mattress for your Tiffin motorhome, you know you’ll get a perfect fit every time. Whether you need angled or cutout corners or strange dimensions, your custom mattress is made to order right from the manufacturer. 

We are so sure your custom mattress will be the perfect size, shape, and comfort level that we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with every mattress purchased. 

Order Your Custom Mattress Today

Are you still considering if you should purchase a custom mattress for your Tiffin motorhome? 

Contact us and speak to one of our professional team members today! 

We will walk you through everything you need to know about ordering your custom mattress and why working with Custom Mattress Makers is the right choice.  

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